Betty White has no doubt established herself as a beloved Hollywood legend 鈥 from her early performance career to her Golden Girls days, not to mention her epic hilarious grandma persona of late (her Deadpool review was almost as good as the movie itself) 鈥 and now she鈥檚 set to keep things just as lively in her 95th year. That鈥檚 right: Today is Betty White鈥檚 birthday, and she鈥檚 only five short years away from the big 100. But for now, check out how celebs are celebrating one of their own on this super special day.

Betty White

With the heartbreaking celeb losses we鈥檝e suffered recently, it鈥檚 no wonder folks were at first totally concerned when Betty White鈥檚 name started popping up on social media, but rest assured she鈥檚 doing fine and, in fact, probably totally ready to celebrate.

As are the stars鈥

95 more reasons to love her !! Happy Birthday Betty 馃拑

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Happy 95th Birthday, Betty White!

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