Betty White鈥檚 suuuuper long Hollywood career proves that she knows a thing or two about what makes a good movie, which is why the video review of Ryan Reynolds鈥 Deadpool that she posted on her Facebook page tells us pretty much everything we need to know about the risqu茅 superhero movie.

Betty White鈥檚 review: 鈥淚t鈥檚 glorious!鈥


But that鈥檚 not all!

鈥淥nce in a generation, a movie comes along that your whole family will love *pause* if your family is a鈥︹ Well, we鈥檒l let Betty tell you because, in her sweet and sassy style, she starts to get a little *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*.

We have to agree with her statement that Ryan Reynolds 鈥渓ooks so f*cking handsome in his red leather suit.鈥 We might have said it a little differently, but the lady who once played Reynolds鈥 grandma in The Proposal certainly knows her stuff.

Her overall rating: Four Golden Girls. Now, that鈥檚 impressive!

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(h/t Mashable ; photo via Toby Canham/Getty)