There are many, many things we look forward to in the holiday season: tacky sweater parties, all kinds of Christmas cookies, PRESENTS, snow鈥 the list goes on. But for us, few holiday traditions compare to the chance to seriously deck the halls! Our idea of the perfect holiday home is filled with lots of DIYs, the latest decor trends, artisan-made goodies and a whole bunch of Christmas cheer. So we鈥檙e bringing you a little of each to help you create your own chic holiday decor. Read on for 20 buys and DIYs to get your home in the Christmas spirit!

1. DIY Advent Calendar Wall Tree: Let鈥檚 kick it off with one our favorite DIYs this season 鈥 an advent calendar wall tree! This double-duty beauty will definitely make a statement.

2. Classic Christmas Tassel Garland ($35): This Studio Mucci banner will add an instant festive feel to any wall it graces. (Also, hello photo booth backdrop!)

3. LED Wire String Lights, Battery Operated ($15): Because these babies are battery operated, you can use them anywhere. Might we suggest adorning your pet in them for a Christmas photo? ;)

4. Santa Baby Pillow ($34): We鈥檙e big fans of typography done right, and this pillow definitely has our blessing. (Bonus: It鈥檚 made of eco-friendly fabric!)

5. DIY Ornament Garland: An old favorite here at B+C, this super-quick garland DIY will add the color you鈥檝e been craving to your holiday decor.

6. DIY Geometric Paper Ornament Kit 鈥 Set of 8 ($25): Speaking of color, take a gander at these poppin鈥 paper ornaments! We love the idea of hanging these in a front window or along the fireplace mantle.

7. DIY Paper Wall Tree: Skipping the real tree this year? Try a paper wall tree instead. It鈥檚 a great way to still hang those string lights you鈥檙e obsessed with :)

8. ReTree ($170): Show off all of your favorite ornaments with none of the pine needle mess. This one is perfect for small spaces.

9. Tabletop Tree Set ($50): Deck the halls with laser-cut wooden trees for an elegant and minimalist look. (Pssst: These are crazy popular at Brit HQ.)

10. A Subtle Revelry Candleholders Kit ($25): Have you peeked at our Brit Kit Collabs yet? This one will add a sweet handmade touch to your holiday tablescape. And it鈥檚 post-Christmas friendly, too :)

11. Framed Patterned Prints: Create a statement wall by framing scraps of your favorite wrapping paper. Try different frame sizes and colors to really make the wall pop!

12. Food Groups Tea Towel ($24): Bring festive fun into your kitchen with these hilarious tea towels. Also, we can totally relate to this diet.

13. DIY Giant Ornament: Time to make the mother lode of ornaments! We want to crank out this DIY while watching A Christmas Story on repeat.

14. DIY Stockings: These aren鈥檛 your grandma鈥檚 Christmas stockings, people. Check out those chains!

15. Baby It鈥檚 Cold Outside Pillow ($34): Cozy up with this charming pillow while watching Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell crank out the best duet ever of this classic song.

16. Bah Humbug Tea Towel ($24): The more festive tea towels, the merrier! Turkey is really digging this one ;)

17. Pantone Ornament ($16): Meet your tree鈥檚 new trendy BFFs. We鈥檙e ALL about these.

18. 3D Printed Snowflake Garlands: Get with the program and go 3D with your DIYs! Create a snowflake garland out of 3D printed ornaments for an extra tech-y Christmas :)

19. DIY Gold Leaf Flower Pots: Add a glamorous touch to the classic Christmas poinsettia with this gold leaf DIY.

20. Ornament Banner ($12): Holy cuteness! Any and all Christmas garlands are game in our book, but we鈥檙e especially feelin鈥 this adorable banner.

How will you be decorating your home this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!