If you’re still paying for that weekly Chipotle craving, it seems you’re doing it wrong. Ever since that E. coli outbreak last year, the fast food joint has been doing their best to regain their customers’ trust. Last month the fast food joint gave away a whopping 5.3 MILLION free burritos and then followed up with another giveaway by dropping a coupon for a free meal in 21 million customers’ inboxes. Now, they’ve outdone themselves yet again with another way you can score a lunch time freebie.

guac hunter

Chipotle has collaborated with Avocados from Mexico to launch an online game called Guac Hunter. In the game, players are shown two similar photos. They’re then given a limited amount of time to spot the differences. Succeed, and you’re well on your way to the ultimate treasure: free guac. Fail, and *spoiler alert* you’ll still get a coupon sent to your mobile device (if you live in the US or Canada). Taco Tuesday, we’re ready for you.

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(Photos via Chipotle + Guac Hunter)