Poor Chipotle. It hasn’t exactly been the easiest time for the food chain. There was that salmonella outbreak in Minnesota, a multi-state E. coli outbreak, and let’s not forget the norovirus. Now the restaurant has a plan to win you over — again — with free food. (But you can still try these hacks to get more burrito for your buck).


CNBC reports that Chipotle has doubled the amount of food its stores can give away to customers. Free food is nothing new for Chipotle, but CFO Jack Hartung says the practice faded away over time to a level that was “kind of non-existent.” Although it’s unclear exactly how much food will be complimentary, a company email said there will definitely be an increase in giveaways and rewards for customers, CNBC says.

This isn’t the only plan to draw customers back into the restaurants. Chipotle is also going to increase its marketing efforts, and multiple media outlets have also reported that the chain will close all its stores on Feb. 8 for a company-wide meeting to discuss food safety. So that should make us all a bit more inclined to return to our beloved burrito bowl.

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(h/t CNBC. Photos via Chipotle)