The struggles that Chipotle has been dealing with lately are no secret; the Mexican fast food giant just can’t seem to catch a break. But it turns out burrito bowl and taco lovers are the winners here: Chipotle is giving away 21 million more burritos in an effort to win back trust and love.


According to the Associated Press, Chipotle has done the unthinkable — it’s suffered its first quarter of losses as a company. In an effort to boost lagging sales that might be related to health concerns (the chain was associated with a number of outbreaks late last year), the company is going to send out even more free burrito goodness into the universe in hopes of return good karma. It already did that on February 8th, giving away 5.3 million free burritos, but the company wants to go farther.

Check that mailbox: Chipotle is going to give away 21 million coupons for free burritos (or any entree) via direct mail — which is about one for every 12 Americans out there — valid for use at any of their 2,000 stores. That means free tacos, free bowls and free salads for all those who are lucky enough to get a coupon to help #makechipotlegreatagain and fill up the restaurants with new and returning customers.

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(Photos via Chipotle + @chipotle)