There’s something about watching successful proposals that is soo satisfying. While obviously living a happy, healthy life together is more important than any flashy popping of the question, we get the feeling that people who put that much time and effort into doing the deed are probably set to have a fun marriage. You’re gonna tell me that the dude who choreographs an action movie proposal EVER forgets an anniversary? Not on your life!

It’s important to have a romantic setting for your proposal. For some it’s the beach for others it’s Comic Con. The Mary Sue reported that this week at Salt Lake City Comic Con, Kelsey Jenkins went to get a pic with Captain America and got the surprise of her life. Kelsey is a Las Vegas native who waited in line to get a snap with Chris Evans and Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell. Just when you thought her sick Black Widow costume was the best part of this interaction her boyfriend up and proposes to her during the photo shoot. Brace thyself for serious feels.

Side bar: we wish ANYTHING made us as excited at Hayley Atwell looks here. She is a perfect cinnamon roll of a human.

After Kelsey said yes to her very own Cap’n the real stars tweeted their congrats (though personally I would consider anyone proposing to me in front of a babe like Chris Evans to be a major game blocker).

No updates on when this nerdy couple will tie the knot but we’re betting they’ll have a geek inspired ceremony to die for. And who knows? Maybe soon after we’ll hear the pitter patter of little nerdlet feet running off to fight baby crime.

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(h/t The Mary Sue, Images via @Kelseyjenks)