Nerd, geek: It can be hard to keep track of whatever they’re calling us these days. Whatever it is, we’re interpreting it to mean that we’re originals, and originals don’t play it safe. Nowhere is that more obvious than in geek weddings. Scroll on for 12 weddings so adorable and geek-chic, we wish we had been invited to them!

bike wedding

1. Bicycle Wedding: After the ceremony, this couple rode off on a bicycle built for two. The entire wedding party followed on individual bikes rented for the occasion. Each bike was blinged out with cushioned seats, streamers and balloons. (Photos via Rachel Thurston Photography)

Puppet Wedding

2. Puppet Wedding: What happens when an artist and an art professor fall in love? They get married by an officiant puppet in a mini pulpit, of course! Zack and Zoe created a puppet show set to the poem “The Owl and the Pussycat” by Edward Lear. They made the stage, scenery, props and puppets. Instead of bridesmaids and groomsmen, they had narrators and puppeteers. (Photos via Micah Bloom)


2. Vaudeville Wedding: Yes, do ooh and ahh over this adorable Tim Walker-inspired wedding. It’s tough to decide which is more picture-perfect: the sun setting over the puppet procession or the vaudeville stage altar. (Photos via Gia Canali)

Gamer Wedding

4. Gamer Wedding: It takes dedication when your goal is the high score. This Minecraft theme definitely tops the leader board. (Photos via Geoff & Lisa Bardot)

Alice in Wonderland

5. A Book-Themed Wedding: Who doesn’t love a literary love story? Using your favorite storybook as a theme is a perfect way to give your wedding a personal touch. (Photos via Sonya Yruel)


6. Steampunk Wedding: When science fiction and fantasy join forces, steampunk is born. We can’t stop staring at all that aesthetic machinery. (Photos via Kaity Whitman)

Harry Potter

7. The Harry Potter Wedding: At this wedding, vows were said over the Goblet of Fire while a Snape-look-alike presided. There were even golden snitch cake pops and wand favors. Accio wedding — we want it all! (Photos via Candice Benjamin)

Retro Gamer

8. Vintage Video Game Wedding: A couple’s shared love of vintage video games is anything but outdated with chic additions like adorable game cartridge centerpieces and yellow coin favor boxes. (via When Geeks Wed)

Museum Wedding

9. Museum Wedding: This wedding had guests spending a night at the museum under the glow of history and love. We are obsessed with those killer dino heels! (Photos via Laura Guerrie)


10. Superhero Wedding: Move over, Avengers: Here’s a wedding we want to watch asap. This is proof that you can incorporate a few fun elements without going overboard. (Photos via Cat Norman)

Sci-Fi Wedding

11. Science Friendly: This Whovian bride and groom added just enough science fiction to keep their guests curiously happy. They even incorporated an alter that resembled a TARDIS — check out that Fourth Doctor scarf on the officiant. (Photos via Candice Benjamin)

Science & Math

12. When Science + Math Wed: This increasingly popular, nerdtastic theme is open to interpretation, but we think astronaut ice cream and galaxy sign-in books are pretty darn inventive. (Photos via Amy McMullen)

Ready to share your geek-chic wedding with us? Drop a link in the comment section so we can see you shine!