We’re huge fans of streaming video content online, but not such huge fans of having to watch our favorite shows and videos on the tiny screens of our smartphones and laptops. After all, it’s pretty hard to put together a movie night when you’re watching Netflix on your MacBook Pro. There have been a bunch of attempts to solve this problem, but the newest from Google might just be the best yet. Chromecast is available today and this little (and we mean little) device may solve your streaming issues forever.

All you do is plug into your TV, connect to wifi, and start streaming content from the Chrome browser on your device. It’s really that easy. I love that you’ll literally be able to take it out of the box and start watching, without having to go through a lengthy set-up process. This also means that it can be used on basically any TV — no need to purchase a specific set or lots of cables to make it work. In fact, there are ZERO cables required!

What should you use it for? Here are a few ideas:

– Want to work out at home? Stream your favorite workout videos from any website (my current favorite: bodyrock.tv).

– Watch YouTube videos, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, etc (obvs). PS: We recommend this channel: www.youtube.com/brit

– Display a photo slideshow while entertaining guests

– Cooking videos galore!

– Stream music from your phone to your TV using websites like Pandora, Spotify and Rdio

Okay, okay, but how does it compare to existing web-to-TV devices like a Mac Mini, Apple TV, Google TV, and even the Plair? First of all, the biggie: its price. You can snag your own Chromecast for just $35 dollars… and that includes a 3-month Netflix subscription! What! That’s incredibly inexpensive compared to its competitors, which are each priced at about $100 or more. Secondly, similar to Google TV and a Mac Mini, it can access the whole Internet, however it doesn’t require extra boxes or cables to set up and no special keyboard is required. This makes it a great product to use for wall-mounted TVs or for those with little space.

Chromecast works with Android tablets and smartphones, as well as iPhones and iPads. Your smartphone is now the world’s most awesome remote.

What do you think about the Chromecast? Have you already ordered yours? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.