Aaaand Action! 25 Ways to Upgrade Your Movie Night
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Aaaand Action! 25 Ways to Upgrade Your Movie Night

While all of our favorite TV shows on hiatus for the summer, we’re watching more movies. And what’s better than a movie? A movie night with friends, of course! We’ve rounded up everything you need to make your film screening a success. And if you have the space, try setting up a theater in your backyard. First on our screening list? Clueless!

1. White Chocolate Lavender Vanilla Popcorn: This might seem like a complex combination, but those three flavors play together surprisingly well. (via How Sweet It Is)

2. Popcorn Retro Pillow ($23): Deck out your den with this popcorn pillow. Just discourage snacking on the pillow by having plenty of popcorn around.

3. Vintage Marquee DIY: If you’re a die-hard movie-night host consider investing the time to make this vintage-inspired sign. We’d suggest giving your home theater a name and spelling it out in lights. (via Oh Happy Day)

4. Directors Clapboard iPad Sleeve ($50): Direct your movie night with ease from your iPad, and stash it in this clapboard inspired case.

5. DIY Floor Pillows: Even if you have limited space on the couch, you can make guests comfortable with these oversized floor pillows. (via Brit + Co)

6. Printable Movie Night Party Invite ($12): Grant guests entry with these personalized tickets. Make sure everyone keeps their stubs!

7. Party Popcorn: Candy melts and ball sprinkles make this polka dot popcorn extra festive. (via Brit + Co)

8. Movie Night Red Aisle Runner ($6): Roll out the red carpet for your guests as they enter your theater…er….home for their private screening.

9. Old School Movie Candy: We’re drooling over this caramel, chocolate, and nut candy. We might have to make two batches—one to share and one to save. (via The Kitchy Kitchen)

10. Vintage Concession Supplies ($3.50 for 10): Give guests a popcorn box to fill up with their favorite mix of snacks before the movie starts. The best part? No dishes to clean up afterward!

11. Movie Marquee Cookies: Surprise your friends by announcing the feature presentation on these cookies. You could also use mini marshmallows for the display lights. (via Bakerella)

12. Canvas Seat and Back Directors Chair ($9): Need extra seating? Stay on theme with these colorful directors chairs. We’re sold considering how affordable they are!

13. Movie Night Bingo: Make a night of it by starting with a round or two of movie bingo before the main attraction. (via Peppermint Creative)

14. Showtime Bucket ($95): You’ll have enough kinds of candy to satisfy even the pickiest of movie-goers.

15. Movie Candy Cookie: Bake your concession stand favorites into these cookies for a new take on movie candy. (via Brit + Co)

16. Movie Reel Masking Tape Set ($19): Decorate everything from your invites to your placemats and napkins with this movie reel tape. It’s those little extra touches that make your night a success.

17. Wabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper ($23): Kick your popcorn popping up a notch with this old school stovetop popper. Nothing can beat freshly popped popcorn.

18. Personalized Pop Corn Bowl ($25): See your name in lights on this jumbo popcorn bowl. It’s perfect for family movie night.

19. Candy Buffet Table: Set up your own concession stand so guests can pick their favorite sweets. We love the idea of adding the Hollywood sign in the baked goods, too! (via Love Luxe Blog)

20. Hollywood Slate Board ($12): As the director of this movie night you need your own slate board. That way you can call “Cut!” on any party fouls—like talking during the film.

21. White Chocolate Oreo Popcorn: We love Oreo’s here at Brit HQ, so this recipe is at the top of our list for our next movie marathon.  (via Jen’s Favorite Cookies)

22. Star Peel-N-Place Decorations ($3.50 each): Add these stars up your front walk and write guests’ names on them in gold paint pen. Just make sure everyone’s on paparazzi watch!

23. Movie Songs CD ($5): While guests are arriving, play this disc on shuffle and see how many songs people can name. Give prizes at the end of the night!

24. Theater Size Candy Concessions (from $12): Order your favorite movie night snacks in bulk from this site.

25. Brownie Popcorn Bags: Stick with a popcorn theme with these popcorn bag brownies. We love the smart technique used to make the stripes out of sprinkles! (via Bakerella)

What are your movie-night must-haves? Let us know in the comments!