As you may have noticed, Halloween prep is in full swing here at Brit + Co. This week’s been all about covering the classics, from candy corn bark to modern Jack O’Lanterns. Of course, what would the point of all these clever projects be without a party? Presenting 11 things you’ve just gotta make for a classic Halloween party. And, since we’ve got a mean sweet tooth, our sights are set on the dessert table, of course ;) The best part of it all? You can buy all of these DIYs in one neatly bundled Classic Halloween Party Kit, or as individual kits in our Halloween shop.

1. Washi-Striped Invitations: The perfect party starts with an invitation, of course. Go old school and send snail mail invites to class things up a bit. This invitation is easy as pie to make with our free printable (download here!) and washi tape (buy here!).

Print the template on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper and cut into quarters or purchase 4″x6″ card stock here. Write the details on the invite. Add a stripe of washi tape to the top (or bottom), and you’re done.

2. White Chocolate + Candy Bark: Candy bark is one of our favorite go-tos, for any holiday. This batch was made with candy corns, peanuts, and Reese’s Pieces. Nom.

3. Burlap Bunting: Next up, we whipped up a simple sign to hang above our dessert table. This could also go on the door, or pretty much anywhere that folks will be partying. All you need is stencils, paint, burlap, and twine. Purchase the kit here!

4. Candy Corn Martini: Of course, no party’s a real party without a seasonal cocktail. For this sipper, we created candy corn-infused vodka and shook it up with homemade honey simple syrup.

5. Festive Treat Bags: You’re never too old for treats with your tricks, and we’re definitely digging this modern take on the classic orange and black motif. To create your own, the first thing to do is download our printable label template. Next, purchase the striped bags from our shop.

Print the labels on label paper, fill bags with candy, and seal ’em up with your new labels. That’s it!

6. Dipped Pretzels and Cookies: More sweets? Don’t mind if we do! Dip Oreos, sugar cookies, and pretzels in Halloween-colored candy melts to create sweets too colorful to resist. Need some colored candy melts? Get them here!

7. Colorful Candlesticks: Was it the Butler with the candlestick? With candlesticks as brightly colored as this, they won’t be hard to spot. Make your own candlesticks with our Classic Candlestick Kit!

8. Beautifully Carved Pumpkins: Adorn your porch or even your dining table with beautifully carved pumpkins, thanks to our handy dandy templates.

9. Washi Drink Stirrers: Like we’d only include one washi trick when throwing a party. Don’t you know us at all?

10. Balloon-Dipped Mason Jars: One of our favorite tricks for temporary decoration, all you need is 3 colors of balloons to create your own color-blocked mason jars. Don’t want to run to to the store to create this DIY? Get the Candy Corn Mason Jar Kit from our shop and you’ll have DIY delivered to your door!

11. Four Layer Candy Bar Cake: And finally, our crowning piece, a Four Layer Candy Bar Cake. Seriously. Four. Layers. Of. Candy. And yes, Snickers are involved.

All in all, the party turned out pretty darn well!

Are you throwing a Halloween party this year? Attending one? What are your favorite Halloween traditions? Talk to us in the comments below.