Finding your way to beautiful, clear skin can be a protracted endeavor, because of all the many variables. The main trick is to find the right methods for your skin type. Are you oily? Dry? Or a combination? Various techniques work for each skin type and success varies from person to person. (I personally benefit from a charcoal scrub, while one of my girlfriends finds that much too drying.) It will take some trial and error for you to find what works best, but if you are in a pinch and need to look good by tomorrow morning, totally try these 13 simple tricks to get clear skin overnight. They are of the tried-and-true variety, and you are likely to find success with them.

If you have combination skin, and need to target different sections of your face in different ways, you can always try multi-masking, which it seems everyone is talking about these past few months. And if you’re coming off a holiday or vacation binge, a skin detox is always helpful to clear things up. You can detox fairly regularly, any time you feel you need to freshen up. Clear skin is more than just a beauty regimen. We need to think about not only what we’re putting on our face but also about what’s going into our body. Avoid these 17 foods like the plague (yes, even sushi *sob*). Instead, stock up on superfoods like blueberries, wild salmon, spinach and walnuts. You can never go wrong when you’re fueling your body with good, wholesome foods. It will show in your gorgeous, glowing face!

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