During Thanksgiving, we tend to indulge in the extremes of just about everything — good food, good wine, good company. But all of that isn’t particularly good for your skin. While the “Everything in Moderation” motto went out the window today, that doesn’t mean you can’t bounce back into a more health-conscious routine as soon as Friday. We don’t necessarily mean dashing straight to the gym or health foods store — my favorite way to kickstart my post-turkey rebound is to take care of my skin.


Remember, your skin is the largest and arguably most abused organ of your body (sun! wind! cuts! bruises!), and that alone is enough reason for it to deserve some TLC. Add foods that don’t do your skin any favors and alcohol to the mix, and you’re more than in the market for a reboot. Here, I’m breaking down my post-Thanksgiving detox plan that will help you cleanse, treat, brighten, hydrate and soothe your skin back to health.

Skin Detox Plan: Be Gentle


Use an All-Natural Cleanser: You’re going to be cleansing your skin anyway, but now’s a good time to try an all-natural, oil-based cleanser that will strip away all the impurities and leave your skin clean and radiant without drying or being overly abrasive. My current fave is Gentle Cleanser by Mare Veronique ($32) because of how lightweight the formula is and how refreshed my skin feels after using it.


Take a Moment: You’ve been running around non-stop visiting friends and family. Take a moment to pause and give yourself space to breathe. Release all the chatter so you can reset and get back to your routine with ease and grace. Here’s an easy calming technique to try for now or whenever stress seems to be taking over.

Skin Detox Plan: Hydrate


Triple Down on the H2O: Drinking water for some is already a habit, but for a lot of us it is often overlooked because we just get consumed with our day. The benefits of drinking water should be enough to have us all converted into consumers of eight 8oz glasses a day, like aiding with digestion, circulation and absorption, besides the obvious — it keeps your skin cells hydrated. There are a slew of creative ways to amp up your water intake if plain old H2O isn’t cutting it.


Make a Morning Detox: Chances are you’ve been drinking a little more and eating more sugary treats than normal, and that can really affect the PH balance of your body. Apple cider vinegar is known to help your PH balance get back to an alkaline zone, which gets your digestive system back in order, keeps your energy higher from natural resources and is a natural stimulant to detox your liver. Skip your coffee intake for a week and replace it with the detox morning elixir instead! You may miss that cup of joe, but you will immediately feel healthier and cleaner.

Skin Detox Plan: Treat


Introduce a Supplement to Aid in Digestion: This 100% natural + Non GMO Organic Spirulina ($8) is the extract of the ancient microalgae plant and is packed with all eight essential amino acids that help eliminate toxins from your skin. It is so important to make sure your supplements are clean, green and organic! This brand takes the cake in terms of all of these things.


Use a Face-Clearing Serum: A lot of times, our skin can suffer from what we eat and can cause us to break out or get dehydrated and blotchy skin. Grab a serum like this Instanatural Age-Defying & Skin Clearing Serum ($24) that is designed to clear your skin and hydrate at the same time. I love how my skin slightly tingles after I apply — you can feel it working without any irritation.


Clear Up Blemishes With Melaleuca: This is the soothing, hydrating and healing oil + other ingredients that will help heal any blemishes without the harshness of your normal acne treatment. This is great to use as a spot treatment as well as all over your skin with a carrier oil like coconut, avocado or grapeseed oil. My most favorite brand is doTERRA Melaleuca Essential ($21) because the scent is so organic and the oil itself is top quality and works almost immediately!

Skin Detox Plan: Brighten


DIY an Active Face Toner: Apple cider vinegar is not only great to digest, but is also absolutely life changing when applied topically to your skin. Chances are you have leftover ingredients from all your holiday feasting that you can whip this guy up right in your own kitchen for no extra money at all to make an Apple Cider Vinegar Pomegranate Face Toner that has all the natural active agents you need to detox the surface cells of your skin. You will love how clean and tight your skin feels after one use!


Treat Yourself to a Brightening Face Mask: This Revelations RX Deep Hydrating & Brightening Face Mask Single Treatment ($16) is so rad because all you do is open and lay the cool hydrating pad directly onto your skin and then sit back and relax. You can follow up with their deep hydrating and brightening serum for an extra dose of skin-brightening agents. Take a hot bath, cleanse your skin and then lay this bad boy on and just chill!

Skin Detox Plan: Soothe


Use an Oil To Hydrate Topically: An oil, different than a face serum, is going to act in a more extreme fashion. This Rejuvenating Face Oil ($80) absorbs into your skin deeply, delivering a powerful punch of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that will soothe your skin. You will wake up feeling refreshed and your skin will feel nourished.


Commit to a Month of a Soothing Detox Tea: What better way to soothe yourself than to unwind with a cup of hot tea before bed? SkinnyMint Teatox Program has teas that are blended with herbs and roots that taste great and help you feel great while detoxing.

What are your go-to skin saviors? Share in the comments section below!