Cloud Eggs Are the Most Whimsical Breakfast You’ll Ever See… And They’re All Over Instagram
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Cloud Eggs Are the Most Whimsical Breakfast You’ll Ever See… And They’re All Over Instagram

We love viral Instagram food pics as much as the next gal or guy, but there’s no doubt that sometimes these trends seem a little… trendy. But actually, the latest Instagram food trend is a centuries-old French dish. Tell that to all the hipsters out there who think they invented the next big thing. Cloud eggs are what we’re talking about here, and they aren’t like other egg recipes. They’re uber-pretty, super simple to make, and are one of many classic French recipes you might stumble upon on your Instagram feed.

1. Bright-Eyed Morning: Cloud eggs are basically everything you could ever want in a breakfast. They’re pretty, textural, and super heathy. Serve them with greens to keep things light and bright.

2. Oeufs à la Neige: Cloud eggs are actually a 1700s-era French dish called oeufs à la neige, or eggs in snow. These days, snow eggs are actually a totally different thing — but their older iteration has been revived in the form of cloud eggs.

3. Simply FreshThough cloud eggs may *look* fancy, they’re actually pretty easy to make. You’ll separate your yolks from your whites, fluff the whites until they form peaks, and bake the whites in your oven, leaving a tiny hole in the middle. After the whites have started to harden, add the yolk and pop them back into the oven until the yolks are lightly cooked.

4. Cloud Egg Sandwich: Add your cloud eggs to fresh bread and throw some spinach in for a complete meal. You’ll probably want your egg to be a little runny — trust us on this one.

5. Get Fancy: You know what would pair beautifully with cloud eggs? Bagels and microgreens. You’re welcome.

6. Golden Brown: See how the egg whites are lightly browned and crunchy? That’s exactly what makes cloud eggs so delicious… and worth the extra effort.

7. Sunny Side Up: Cloud eggs are just like any other egg breakfast. But better.

8. Eggs and Bacon: Pair cloud eggs with breakfast meats for a rich and filling way to start your day. We particularly love the bacon-eggs combo ourselves.

9. Deconstructed Omelette: Add some chives, ham, onions, and cheese to your cloud eggs to create a deconstructed omelette-type meal.

10. The Coolest Brekky Around: What do you get when you combine cloud eggs with avocado (or even better… avocado toast!)? The hippest breakfast this side of Brooklyn.

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