In the world of Instagram hashtags, #yolkporn is right up there with the likes of #tbt and #mcm. Okay… maybe it’s not THAT popular, but there are still plenty of foodies out there that get their kicks from an egg yolk oozing over a piece of avo-toast or a perfectly grilled burger (#nofilter, obvi). Whether you’re serving them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, amazing eggs are the savory cherry on top of any great meal. Feast your eyes on 17 of the most Insta-ready and yolk-tastic recipes that are going to make you want to add an egg to everything.

asparagus proscuitto and poached eggs

1. Asparagus With Egg and Speck: Poached eggs make for the BEST #yolkporn. Here, they create a creamy sauce for blanched asparagus and salty speck. If you can’t find speck, try substituting for prosciutto instead. (via Dinner Was Delicious)

breakfast potato skins

2. Bacon and Egg Potato Skins: You can totally have potato skins for breakfast. Just make a well in the center of a baked potato and crack in an egg. Twenty minutes later you’ll have an all-in-one meal that’s even easy to pack for work. (via Runnin Srilankan)


3. Cheesy Puff Pastry Baked Eggs: With only four simple ingredients, you can make an elegant dish that is impressive enough to serve to guests. Simply combine puff pastry, eggs, cheddar cheese and chives for your next brunch with the girls. (via Just a Taste)


4. Chilaquiles Rolos: Visit your favorite Mexican restaurant for weekend brunch and you’ll see definitely see chilaquiles on the menu. Avoid the hangry crowds and make your own at home, complete with a sunny side up egg. (via House of Yumm)

croque madame

5. Croque Monsieur With Poached Eggs: Sometimes making a simple egg and toast feels like breakfast domination. But for the days when you want to class it up a bit, a classic French croque monsieur sandwich is the way to go. Top it with a poached egg and you’ll have a croque madame! (via Alexandra’s Kitchen)


6. Hummus and Tahina With Soft Boiled Egg and Everything Bagel Spice: As if hummus wasn’t luscious and creamy enough, you can add a runny egg on top to really take it to the next level. The everything bagel spice fools you into thinking you’re having the ultimate carb fest when you’re actually eating pretty healthy. (via I Will Not Eat Oysters)


7. Harissa, Smashed Avocado + Egg Toast With Goat Cheese and Honey Drizzle: Avocado toast is the star dish of Instagram right now, and when you add an oozing egg on top, your breakfast is bound to go viral. This is no ordinary avo-toast, though. It’s spicy, creamy, tangy and sweet: a perfect all-around winner. (via Half Baked Harvest)


8. Persian Spinach and Eggs: Talk about an easy and healthy breakfast. Sauteed spinach, onions and turmeric topped with a steamed egg is the ultimate meal to get your day started on the right foot. (via Unicorns in the Kitchen)

pulled pork burger

9. BBQ Pulled Pork, Avocado, Gouda and Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich on a Soft Pretzel Bun: Whether you tackle this beast with a fork and knife or opt for hand-held, you’re going to need plenty of napkins and a bib. As the gooey yolk oozes out of the sandwich, the flavor combination will have you begging for seconds before you’re even done with the first. (via Cravings in Amsterdam)

Quinoa Cakes

10. Quinoa Cakes With Poached Eggs: Fancy brunch recipes are a must-have in your collection at all times. Make quick work of these cakes by using leftover quinoa from dinner the night before. (via All Food Considered)

risotto cakes eggs florentine

11. Risotto Cakes Eggs Florentine: Soft boiled eggs may be the most versatile ingredient in your fridge. They’re amazing on their own as a quick breakfast or added on top of garlic sautéed spinach and these risotto cakes for a nutrient-packed lunch. (via Natural Comfort Kitchen)


12. Savory Egg Clouds: This unique four-ingredient breakfast for two is made start-to-finish in under 10 minutes. Just enough time for you to squeeze some OJ and make fresh mimosas for a romantic Saturday morning in with bae. (via Kevin Is Cooking)


13. Baked Eggs With Shredded Chicken and Salsa: Sometimes, simplicity is key. This quick and easy breakfast takes only 15 minutes to bake and uses only three ingredients that you already have in your fridge. Make it with leftover chicken and salsa, and you’ll have Sunday brunch ready in no time. (via Real Food by Dad)


14. Smoked Salmon Tartine: Smoked salmon and poached eggs are a match made in breakfast heaven. Make it your own by topping with any of your favorite condiments, spices or sliced veggies. (via Treats and Eats)

stuffed peppers

15. Stuffed Capsicums With Egg Yolk: Stuffed peppers are a weeknight dinner must. When you’re looking for a little extra protein (and sexiness), add a perfect poached egg on top and the dish is suddenly transformed. (via Iron Chef Shellie)


16. Superfood Breakfast Tacos: There’s no better way to start your day than with a couple of veggie-filled tacos. The powerful combo of spinach, sweet potato and black beans is enough to keep you going for hours. Throw an egg on top and you’ll be unstoppable. (via The Roasted Root)


17. Sweet Potato Waffles, Duck Eggs and Smoked Salmon: When even the XL eggs won’t do it for you, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Duck eggs are extra creamy, flavorful and significantly bigger than their chicken counterparts. Pair with a savory waffle and smoked salmon for an indulgent breakfast you’ll dream about for weeks to come. (via Savor the Best)

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