Anytime I search the latest beauty scene on Pinterest, I encounter the several pins showing me how I can get an instant at-home tan by adding Hershey’s Chocolate to any lotion of my choice. Seriously. For a long time, I completely ignored them because the thought seemed in all honesty, ridiculous! As time went on, and my summer glow is beginning to fade, I grew more and more curious about this little trick and whether or not it would actually work. Naturally, I had to play around to make this recipe something I actually want to slather on my skin, so I made the concoction with natural ingredients. Did our latest Beauty Mythbuster prove to be a game changer or totally #fail? See how it went!


The Goods:


– 1 small scoop cocoa powder

– 1 small scoop coconut oil

– Body brush

– Mixing bowl + spoon/spatula

How to Make It:


1. Add your coconut oil to a small mixing bowl.

2. Then add an equal scoop of cocoa powder to the mix.

3. Use your spatula to mix the two together.

4. Keep mixing until everything is blended to make a creamy delicious looking, smooth texture.

How to Put it On:


Tap the brush into the mixture gently. Be sure not to over do it — a little goes a long way!

Step 1: Pat Onto Skin


Gently tap the brush with the product onto your skin. I started with my legs first. At this point I am thinking this is crazy and there is no way this is going to blend into my skin.

Step 2: Blend With Hands


Once you’ve used the brush to tap the product all over your legs, use your hands to finish rubbing it into your skin. This takes a little bit of time to really let the oil absorb into your skin.

It is WORKING!!!


Dang! Normally I wait until the end to make such a bold decision, but man! It really really worked and it is surprising because it seemed like it was way too dark.

Step 3: Finish Up!


Continue the same stippling motion to apply product to the rest of your body.


Blend with your hands!


Let dry. Make sure the oil is FULLY absorbed into your skin before getting dressed to avoid any marks of color on your clothing.

Conclusion: Bust or Beauty?


Subtle, natural but definitely a deeper hue!


Beauty!!! All. Day. I think this is such an easy way to whip something up quickly with things you may already have in your home. The scent is divine and once it dried it stayed on my skin for the rest of the day. Even when I showered, I had to really exfoliate my body to make sure I got the residue off, which is comforting to me because I don’t have to question its durability in the future. All that being said, this route is not waterproof by any means. If you want a tan that will stand up to water, you’ll have to fall back on the self-tanner or schedule a good old lay down in the sun.

Side note — don’t eat it!


Despite the overwhelming delicious scent and its deceiving brownie batter appearance, it tastes NASTY! Too chalky and not sweet at all! Haha! The things we do for you <3

What other beauty hacks, tricks ideas should we test out for you? Let us know in the comment section below!