It’s no secret that we’re color-obsessed here at Brit + Co. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to team up with Swatch to put together a list of the most colorful gift ideas for everyone on your list. From party planners to photographers to pet owners, here are 15 vibrant gifts to give this holiday season.

1. Color the Sky Watch ($60): First up, the watch that inspired this whole roundup! Obviously, we’re all about the rainbow color palette of this watch. What really sets it apart is the whimsical hand-lettered font used for the numbers.

2. Little Big Trivet ($22): Is it weird that we kind of want to just hang this on the wall? Actually, that would double as a great way to store an extremely handy kitchen object. Use it to protect your dining table from a big dutch oven or a little teapot — it works with everything.

3. Pantone Coffee Maker ($33): We don’t know what we like more — the awesomeness of these Pantone coffee makers, or the graphic lines pouring out of each one. Now they just need to update the collection to include Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid.

4. Fold-Away Tote in Spectrum Stripe ($40): Like you need another tote bag? But, you can’t beat the convenience and stylishness of this fold-away kate spade number. This would be the perfect thing to keep in your purse for holiday shopping season.

5. Lattice Tea Towel ($25): You can never have too many tea towels. They double as hot pads, make for great photographs, decorate many a-dining-table, and, yes, are very useful as dish towels, too.

6. Polaroid Rainbow Film ($32): We are dying to try this new color-framed Polaroid film!

7. Ceramic Dip Mug ($28): Prefer just a dip of color in the morning? These handmade ceramic mugs will add a punch of color to your cup of coffee.

8. Riki Stool ($45): How cool is this stool? It’s sort of like a Trival Pursuit wedge times a hundred.

9. Tecnica Rainbow Moon Boots ($150): The slightly ridiculous nature of Moon Boots has somehow managed to be timeless. Maybe this is the year to finally give in to our Moon Boot obsession.

10. Sugar Shoelace Tray ($33): Like tea towels, trays are highly useful and often under-appreciated. The stripes and colors on this one almost make us want to turn it into wall art.

11. Building Blocks of Light ($57): Tetris-inspired desk lighting? Sign us up. We love that you can change up your color configuration whenever you need to mix things up.

12. Infinite Candies Clutch ($48): No, this clutch does not come with an infinite collection of candies inside ;)

13. Tobbles Stacking Toy ($27): For new parents, give them a toy that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is fun for the little ones.

14. Pet Carrier in Color Splash ($130): Who says your pet carrier has to be lacking in the style department?

15. Polka Dot Bocce Set ($320): And finally, a splurge item. This beautifully crafted bocce set features hand-painted spots of primary color contrasting with streaks of black or white. Very lovely.

What’s on your list this year? Are you as color-obsessed as we are? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Swatch.