The folks at The Impossible Project have done it again for all of us who are Polaroid-obsessed. Their latest offering comes in the form of color-tinted film with color frames to match!

Described as “the first mixtape for your eyes,” this product truly combines two of our greatest loves: color blocking and instant film. Made for Polaroid 600-type cameras, this film features vividly colored frames. And, the color protection formula in this film means that images are even more saturated, with a high level of detail and sharpness, resulting in stunning images.

Each pack comes with eight frames, each with a color border selected to match the specific tonality of Impossible color film, from an oceanic turquoise to flaming burnt sienna. So cool!

A single pack’ll set you back $24, but we recommend calling it a day and going for the triple pack (24 Polaroids!) for $67.

Do you use a Polaroid? Or another type of instant camera? Would you try out this new type of film? Talk to us in the comments below.