Bacon wrapped scallops, egg rolls and shrimp cocktails — no offense, but those appetizers are old news. Been there, eaten that! While those usual suspects may be the gold standard everyone is expecting at your party, there IS a recipe for success in changing up the menu. In fact, there are several. Just turn your favorite down home-inspired recipes like pizza and tater tots into party-ready finger foods and you’ll have mini snacks that even the kids won’t be able to pass up. Scroll on for all the delicious comfort food eats you *need* to serve at your next get-together.


1. Cheese and Bacon Potato Skins: These double baked potato skins are also double baconed (that’s a word, right?). They’re cooked in bacon fat *and* topped with crispy bacon. Talk about indulgent. (via Recipe Tin Eats)


2. Chocolate Covered Bacon: Here’s one way to eat your feelings. Bacon lovers will rejoice while crunching on these sweet and salty chocolate-dipped bacon skewers. Pair with a crisp lager for a decadent grown-up treat! (via Veggie Balance)


3. Jalapeño-Fennel Deviled Eggs: Bring the nostalgia of backyard barbecues and picnics to your party with these slightly spicy deviled eggs. The devilish secret to this classic app: swap the traditional mayo with EVOO for a healthier twist! Roll out the gingham print tablecloth and dig in. (via Fix Feast Flair)


4. Chicken and Waffles Sliders: Chicken is brined overnight in a mixture of hot sauce and buttermilk for these ultra-crispy chicken and waffle sliders. Let guests have a blast customizing their sandwiches with sauces like spicy maple syrup, chipotle jam, hot pepper mayo and spicy mustard. (via Foodie Crush)


5. Seven Layer Pizza Dip: Dippable pizza? Sign us up! Customize this fresh take on the classic 7-layer dip with your favorite toppings, like double pepperoni. (via Kirbie’s Cravings)


6. Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs: There’s more to these tots than meets the eye. Bite into one and you’ll find they’re sweet and salty on the outside with a gooey cheesy center. That’s why they’re the (via Damn Delicious)


7. Sweet Potato and Chicken Hand Pies: These hand-held pies are the perfect way to enjoy pie while mingling. Get ready for buttery, flaky, sweet and savory flavors with no fork or plate required. (via Traveling Fork)


8. Party-Friendly Mini Pizza Bites: These not-quite bagel bites will bring out the kid in you. Class these babies up with premium toppings like prosciutto, arugula and fresh basil. Your tastebuds will thank you! (via the Girl on Bloor)


9. Cheesy Jalapeño Sausage Rolls: British sausage rolls get a very American upgrade with this app. A healthy dose of cheese and fresh chopped jalapeños make it fit for any backyard shindig. (via Brit + Co)

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