What good is a cozy cabin or beautiful bedroom without the perfect couch? Throw a Hudson Bay blanket on any one of these, and you’ve got an instant nook that’s as comfy as it is stylish.

1. Tufty Time Sofa: This is the sectional gone modern. Choose one or two colors and arrange any way you please.

2. Split Personality Sofa: Like the mullet of sofas, this one’s business in the front and party in the back.

3. Modern Yellow Sofa Bed: See? Sofa beds can be chic.

4. Brick Sofa: Based on traditional bricklaying but with a more sandbag aesthetic, we love the piled-up-pillows look of this sofa.

5. Quilt Collection: Loving the texture of this quilted couch.

6. Pixel Couch: Pixels?! YES.

7. Danish Modern Sectional: Angles and coziness? Definitely possible.

8. Swedish Teal Teak Sofa: We love checking out 1st Dibs for the latest estate auction treasures and what not.

9. Stardust Glow-in-the-Dark Sofa: This one is clearly calling our name. It lights up, keeps you comfy, and scores major geek chic points.

10. Cay Sofa: Another one that’s all about the crazy angle, you can sit, lie, and lounge on this sofa any which way.

11. Round Convertible Sofa Bed: Who says round sofa beds are just for Austin Powers?

12. Minimalist Chair Sofa: Sleek lines, perfect colors, and a cool mood make this piece fit in just about any living room.

13. Hudson Bay Sofa: A sofa made of those iconic Canadian blankets? Seeing is believing.

14. Floating Sofa: How cool is this floating sofa concept?

15. Sofa Bunk Bed: It’s a sofa that converts into a bunk bed and happens to look uber chic. Win.

16. The Dog House Sofa: Remember this old thing? Perfect for you and your furry friends.

17. Moody Couch: Is this a 3D sleeping bag or a couch?

18. Andreas Sofa: Anthropologie’s all about the patterns and we are in love with this subtle print.

19. Diamond Shag Sectional: Shag is back!

20. Chocolate Sofa: A sofa that looks like chocolate? Nom.

Bonus! DIY Sod Sofas: You can always DIY it up with a little sod!!

What cool couches have you seen (or sat on!) lately? Talk to us in the comments below.