Looking for a little escape? Try creating a DIY tent, fort, or teepee in your home or in your backyard if it’s still warm enough, and you’ll be transported to a totally magical place in minutes. Whether you’re making this for yourself or for little ones, it’s a fun weekend project to add a bit of whimsy to your life. We also happen to be working on our own DIY teepee plans for Brit HQ – stay tuned to see what we create in the coming weeks :)

1. No-Sew Teepee: First up, we’re totally swooning over all of the colors and patterns in this beautiful scene. The pillows, the flags, and the variety of poppy textiles bring the whole thing to life. (via Handmade Home)

2. Hula Hoop Canopy: Turn a hula hoop into a canopy covered with blankets, lights, and paper pom poms. We just want to snuggle right up in there! (via Be Sweet Blog)

3. So Many Textiles: The more textiles, the merrier – don’t you think? This whimsical setup looks like it’s straight out of a Midsummer Night’s Dream. We particularly love the old school lantern in the foreground. (via Apartment Therapy)

4. A-Frame Mini Tent: How cute are these? Such a fun idea for an outdoor party. (via Soul Studio)

5. Fabric on a String: Created by my husband as a surprise for our wedding, all you need to make your own impromptu tent is fabric and string. This one was situated in the middle of a small vineyard. (via my wedding!)

6. Valentine’s Day Fort: This insanely beautiful indoor tent was created with Valentine’s Day in mind. It’s awesome inspiration for making an evening at home so much more special. (via Design*Sponge)

7. Minimalist Teepee: The star in this minimalist setup is definitely the fringe garland! (via Ariadne at Home)

8. Lace Crochet Teepee: You can use a crocheted blanket to create this simple teepee. We’re loving the giant giraffe and furry rug. (via Transito Inicial)

9. Glamping Tent: How gorgeous is this? It’s glamorous camping done totally right. We love the sheerness of the fabrics at play with the natural environment. (via Project Wedding)

10. Blanket Fort: Take your blanket on a string indoors with inspiration from this lovely scene. (via Motherburg)

Have you built any modern forts, teepees, or tents? Would you? Talk to us in the comments below.