For as long as we can remember, we’ve been dragging the ugliest cooler along with us on camping trips, beach bonfires, boat trips and barbecues. It’s been repeatedly beaten up by raccoons and even once went on a little lake swim by itself. Though we respect its resiliency, we’re finally ready to trade up for something that’s a little less of an eyesore. We’ve long been on the hunt for coolers that are cooler than cool and were recently tipped off about a Kickstarter campaign for a revolutionary new cooler for the 21st century. At the moment, this proposed product has raised more than $4.2 million (!!!) and there are still 40+ days left in the campaign. Obviously we had to investigate.

Meet The Coolest, the Mary Poppins’ carpet bag of coolers. With a classic, retro look, Portland product designer Ryan Grepper somehow found room for almost a dozen features you didn’t know you needed. But they aren’t those superfluous features that you’ll never use; they are actually intuitive and quite handy.

Unlike other futuristic designs, The Coolest has the basics more than covered. It’s a 60-quart cooler with extra-wide tires that make it easy to roll anywhere, plus bungee cords attached so you can transport additional beach chairs or other gear on top of it like a luggage cart. There’s also a divider inside that doubles as a cutting board, a built-in bottle opener and integrated storage for plates and a rust-proof ceramic knife. It’s almost like an all-in-one picnic basket that stays cold!

So it’ll keep your drinks cold and save your butt when you inevitably forget a bottle opener, but what else can it do? Our favorite feature is the 18-volt rechargable battery built into the design. That mighty battery powers a blender (Hiya, granitas! Hola, margaritas!), removable waterproof bluetooth speakers, an LED lid light and a life-saving USB charger in case you need to juice up your phone or camera on the go.

The Coolest should be available for purchase next year, and Kickstarter backers that donate more than $165 will be ready to roll by next February!

Do you think The Coolest is worthy of its name? Let us know in the comments!