Barbecues, beach parties, picnics — what do they all have in common? Besides being our favorite summer activities, they all require one key piece of equipment: A cooler. How else are you going to keep those beer cocktails and chip dips nice and fresh? And while it may not be the most exciting summer gear to shop for, there are some pretty cool ones out there. Check out these 12 totally awesome coolers that are ready to help keep you and your goods cool allsummerlong.

1. Boat Beverage Cooler ($81): This adorable boat-shaped cooler holds up to 40 cans with two cup holders for easy-access. Buy a red and a turquoise for double the fun!

2. The Chiller Beanbag ($90): Lounging on the beach can be tiring. Bring this beanbag so you can take a break while sipping on your favorite cold brew.

3. The Camera Cooler ($65): For those photographers out there, this handy bag serves a dual purpose. Keep your DSLR safe from harm or use it as a cooler to keep a six-pack crisp and cold. The choice is yours!

4. Bamboo 21-Piece Insulated Picnic Basket ($39): This adorable picnic basket may look vintage, but it’s built with a large insulated interior. Cute and functional, what more could you ask for in a cooler?

5. Kuranda Cooler Tote ($24): A playful pineapple print helps this cooler blend in with the rest of your summer wardrobe.

6. Coleman Steel Belted Cooler ($110): This large, stainless steel cooler is as good as the original one, which was made during the ’50s. What’s more is that it’s rust-proof, leak-resistant and can hold up to 85 cans. Party time!

7. Rustic Wooden Igloo ($60): This wooden cooler is made-to-order, making yours that much more unique. It has a styrofoam insert to keep your items cool, but can be taken out and used as a cute wooden basket for everything from the farmers’ market.

8. Bellino Sound Cooler ($24): There’s no need to bring your jambox to the party when you’ve got a equipped speaker system in your cooler. Just plug in your iPhone or mp3 player and let the jams play on while the wine coolers… stay cool.

9. Kelsyus Floating Cooler ($30): Never leave the water again with this floating cooler. It has six convenient cup holders and designated numbers so you don’t lose track of your beverage.

10. The Cruzin Cooler ($899): Okay, so this scooter-equipped cooler might cost you a pretty penny (or two), but think about never having to lug your heavy cooler up the hill again… or even walk it, for that matter. Because summer is about living easy and nothing’s easier than cruising on your cooler.

11. Vapur Wine Carrier ($12): This may not technically be a cooler, but it keeps your wine cool sans bottle, which makes it A-OK in our book.

12. Houndstooth Pinot Wine + Cheese Cooler ($54): Who says coolers can’t be classy? This chic houndstooth-printed knapsack comes with acrylic glasses, a corkscrew, a cheese knife, a cutting board — everything you need for a perfect picnic. All you need to do is provide the wine and cheese.

What do you pack in your cooler? Tell us how you keep your food and drinks cool in the comment below!