Someone better check up on Clos du Bois Winery, because they are clearly reading our brain waves. Considering their latest limited-edition collaboration with Trina Turk, they must’ve known about all the recent occasions we’ve thought, “Hey, we could really use a chair right now… also — more importantly — a bottle of wine. And maybe a beach towel, because… well, because we’re at the beach in this scenario now, okay? And a corkscrew and glasses, because that’s how the wine gets in the mouth.” (Anyhow, you get the idea.)

Trina Turk and Clos du Bois solved this very detailed mental wish of ours with Clos on the Go. Designed with Trina Turk’s famous bright yellow ikat print, this portable contraption is like a transformer — the Optimus Prime for grown-up women.

It’s the same cheeky lounge chair you might bring to the beach or the park, but it’s outfitted with a bottle of Clos du Bois’ North Coast Chardonnay, a corkscrew, two GoVina reusable wine glasses, playing cards and a beach towel.

Grab your best pals and this sweet seat. Let’s do this, Brit babes.

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(images Kelly Go Lightly)