There are few foods more enjoyable than a juicy ear of corn, and your summer BBQ wouldn’t be the same without it. But it’s the absolute deliciousness of those irresistible ears, along with a bit of impatience, that has left us with burned, buttery fingers way too many times (it’s impossible to let it cool down first). It doesn’t have to be that way, though! Check out these 11 cute cob holders that will save your fingers and make your corn on the cob experience even more enjoyable.

1. Butter Baby Corn Picks ($8): These little Butter Baby holders are every bit as fun as they are functional. And for those who have ever experienced the unwelcome poke of a skewer while digging around in kitchen drawers, you’ll be happy to know that these babies interlock for safe storage.

2. Pig and Dog Holders ($10): A pair of picks made just for animal lovers. You choose between dogs and pigs.

3. Football Corn Holders ($16): These give you the perfect excuse to serve corn at your next tailgate party.

4. Unicorn Cob Holders ($5): Not only are these guys colorful, but they’re pretty mythical, too.

5. Screw-In Holders ($9): The only thing that could make a corn-eating experience more satisfying is some colorful corn holders. These screw-in handles are guaranteed to hold on to the ear tightly so you can focus on the chowing.

6. Mr. BBQ Corn Skewers ($8): These BBQ picks are a great idea, and they’ll surely be the most unique skewers in the neighborhood.

7. Flip-flops ($12): Flip-flops and corn are both in season right now. Why not combine the two?

8. Wood Picks ($14): Corn’s best while it’s still smokin’ hot. Grab these classic wooden picks and get ready to chow.

9. Comical BBQ Folks ($19): Not your average corn picks, these whimsical BBQ folks are sure to inspire many interesting dinner table conversations.

10. Ninja Corn Skewers ($8): If you’re interested in superhuman corn-eating powers, these fierce skewers are sure to do the trick.

11. Jurassic Corn Cob Holders: In the mood to make your own? These dino cob holders are very clever. Craft a few out of some toys to make your next corn binge a blast. (via Handmade Charlotte)

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