We love a good gluten-free hack, we crave the recipe for that “wow, really?!” vegan dish and, psh, we could chug green smoothies by the blender-full. But, shh. We also love a so-bad-it’s-gotta-be-good, I-can-feel-the-grease-through-the-screen hunka heartburning food porn, too. So when we saw Dude Foods blogger Nick Chipman’s latest creation on First We Feast, we had to give it up. And pour out some Pepto for our new hoagie homie. Wrap your head (eek, and your jaw) around the Alphabet Sandwich:

From A to Z, this is the list of the 26 items in Nick’s whopper-of-a-sandwich:






Fish sticks

Garlic bread


Italian sausage patty

Jalapeño peppers

Krispy Kreme donut


Macaroni and cheese


Onion rings


Queso blanco dip

Ramen noodles


Turkey burger

Usingers bratwurst

Veal Parmesan


Xylocarp (coconut) [Ed note: oof.]



If this is the first you’re hearing about Dude Foods, let us give you a little preview of the other mouth-watering, gut-busting, greasy guy-and-gal-approved foodie fantasies that you’ll find there…

The ABC sando might not have been stacked without the McEverything, a leaning tower of $140.33 worth of 43 McDonald’s sandwiches. Super Duper Size.

Well, this is a delicious Before-and-After. Knowing that one is the loneliest number when it comes to sweets, Nick combined our favorite cookie with a top breakfast treat. And added frosting. Calories — who’s counting? #notus

Make your burger better by battering and frying it in a breading of your favorite salty snackers and you have the Deep-Fried Doritos Burger.

It’s all about those apps and ‘sserts. Waffle Fry Sliders to start, washed down with a hearty side of Oreo Cookie Glazed Bacon.

The way to a man’s heart might be through his stomach and the way to ours is, well, the same. But we especially love dudes with the DIY spirit. Nick says one of his favorite parts about the site is seeing how some people get so hungry for his creations that they make their own at home. That’s a chain reaction we know and support and proves our theory that makers come in all types — even the Doritos-crusted kind.

Would you take a bite out of the Alphabet Sandwich? What’s the wackiest concoction you’ve ever cooked up?