That’s right, the Ramen Burger and the Ramen Crust Pizza were just appetizers for the crunchy, noodle-y goodness you see before you. While we were munching on lame leftovers for lunch this week, The Vulgar Chef was cooking up what he believes to be the world’s first RAMEN TACO. No one has forked over any proof to take away the title, so he gets to keep it.

No official recipe yet, but if we had to guess, the “shell” is most likely cooked up similar to how the burger bun is, but with different seasoning. It looks like Chef used your standard Taco Bell taco as inspiration and filled the noodle-tilla with ground beef, sour cream, chopped tomato, iceberg lettuce and shredded cheese. Well, we know what we’re having for dinner tonight. And lunch leftovers will not be so lame mañana.

Sound off below: does the Ramen Taco make your mouth water?