You’ve made it through a whole decade of adulthood, and we think that’s amazing. That’s 10+ whole years of paying bills on time, doing your own laundry and taking your bright, smiling face to work five days a week. We think you’re due for something amazing… breathtaking even. Make sure this milestone birthday is celebrated with all the attention it deserves, and do something for your 30th that will make you feel larger than life. Here are 16 big 30th birthday ideas that go beyond a happy hour with friends.

Grand Canyon's New "Skywalk" Opens With Grand Ceremony

1. Sky High: Sure, you can hike if you’re up for it, but if you just want the unbelievable view of a lifetime, go for the Grand Canyon skywalk. Just make sure you check seasonal availability before you pack your bags. (Photo via David McNew/Getty Images)

Artist Organizes Roof Top Camping Experiences In Brooklyn

2. Moonlit: Exploit the benefits of apartment living by checking to see if you or any of your friends have landlord-approved roof access in their apartment building. Then throw a shindig while watching the sunset and maybe even the sunrise on your 30th. Aside from the great scenery, your apartment will be as clean (or as dirty) as you left it last. Phew! (Photo via Andrew Burton/Getty Images)


3. Palm Springs: If you’re more of the cocktailing-by-the-pool-all-day crowd, check yourself into a Palm Springs hotel with a pool — stat. We’re partial to The Ace for several reasons: 1. The delicious drinks. 2. The poolside low-key-party-like atmosphere. 3. The awesome murals (perfect for Instagram ops) 4. The photo booth. We suggest booking Standard Doubles for the most part and then getting one luxe room with a patio that you can all hang in around the fire at night… if you can ever pull yourself away from that pool and those cocktails. Sick of the pool and cocktails? They’ve got you covered with biking, scooters and nearby hiking. (Photo via Ace Hotel and Swim Club)


4. Paint by Numbers: Go ahead, make a mess. You might get lost in this sea of color, which may be exactly what you need if you’re stressing about your big milestone. Have fun, play in the dirt and redefine what 30 means to you. Can’t make it to color run? Make your own color powder at home. (Photo via Francois Nel/Getty)

Ryan Gosling Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"  - July 20, 2011

5. With a Furry Friend: We’re sorry to disappoint, but we can’t get you Ryan for your 30th. We do know a way for you to spend all day with a furry friend — just like The Gos. You can rent your own fur buddy all day for your big 3-0. So, if you’re feeling like this may be the year for you to get your own four-legged friend, this service will be an amazing test drive and a super memorable b-day for you. (Photo via Theo Wargo/Getty Images)


6. Go to Summer Camp for Adults: Why? Because summer camp was fun and you’re 30 and you do what you want. Also… because grownup Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin looks just about like the most hip hang in the woods that we’ve ever seen, complete with dreamy treehouse, lakeside teepees and tent cabins. The original Wandewega Hotel was built in the 1920s as a speakeasy and has a pretty interesting history. Today, the owners suggest using it as a creative retreat where “the coffee flows like wine. And the wine flows like wine too.” If you plan on making this your big bang birthday spot, please send our invite in the mail to 550 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94102. Thanks. (Photo via Camp Wandawega)

Disneyland Paris Magic Christmas Season Launch

7. No Permission Needed: Hey, you’re 30 now, and you can go to the happiest place on earth anytime you want. Reconnect with your childhood friends, or bring some new ones, to have an amazingly sweet time at Disneyland. (Photo via Francois Durand / Getty Images)

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8. Daredevil: Dare to do something completely new and try skydiving or parasailing for your 30th. Our guess is being this high off the ground will give you a breath of fresh air and a brand new perspective to work from as you move forward into your next chapter. (Photo via John Shearer/Getty Images)

Hawthorn Community Camp

9. Into The Wild: For a different kind of adventure, try ocean kayaking. You’ll get all the bragging rights of an adventurer, but you get to keep your feet at least somewhere kinda close to the ground. (Photo via Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Singapore Zoo Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

10. Animal Magnetism: The zoo is an amazing way to get away while staying close to home. Go see all the exotic animals, with your nearest and dearest, while you ring in all that’s in store for you. Don’t forget to make a list of all you have left to see in the years to come. (Photo via Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images)

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11. Beach Bum: Relax with your friends with a getaway to the beach for the day, weekend or even the whole week of your birthday, if you have enough vacation time for it. We think this is the perfect time for you to zone out, reflect and maybe even jot down some new goals for yourself. (Photo via Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

Kate Beckinsale Yoga Fundraiser Benefiting The Margie Petersen Breast Center At Saint John's

12. Guru in Training: Take a cue from Pink and take some time to recharge for your birthday. Try getting focused with an outdoor yoga retreat. There are so many to choose from. You can try a healthy food-focused one like Wild Spirit, one for emotional healing like Kirpalu or something more high profile like the traveling Wanderlust Festival with its massive outdoor events. (Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


13. Budding Socialite: Refine your palette with a super sophisticated wine tour. Next time you mingle with co-workers after hours you can impress them with your decisive wine knowledge, confirming yourself as a bonafide adult. (Photo via Craig Baxter – Pool/Getty Imagess)

The White Rim Trail

14. Counting Stars: We just love a campfire. Nothing gets you closer to the ones you already love than spending some time in the great outdoors. Start a conversation about your dreams and birthday wishes to get this outing off to the right start. (Photo via Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

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15. Mountain Bound: If the stresses of city life are wearing you thin, consider a mountain getaway to Telluride, Co. This town is known for its amazing mountain views and noteworthy festivals. Some of the larger events hosted in this hideaway town are Blues + Brews and the Telluride Film Festival. (Photo via David McNew/Getty Images)


16. Snow Bunny: If you’re a fan of the snow, we think you should totally schedule a skiing lesson. Sipping hot chocolate by the fire, getting a workout, amazing mountain views — will anything make you feel more warm and fuzzy inside? Take it from us: It’s your birthday, and you’re totally due for a treat. (Photo via Alain Grosclaude/Agence Zoom/Stringer)

Have something different planned for your 30th? Let us know in the comments.