Feeling stressed out and in dire need of a long cry? Japan has you covered. Introducing crying rooms — spaces designed for when you need a good sob, complete with soft tissues, movies, makeup removers and a warm eye mask.


The rooms were launched by Mitsui Garden Hotel in Tokyo and are going for 10,000 Japanese yen a day (that’s about $85 dollars). They’re marketed specifically to women “because Japanese ladies in their 20s-40s are often said to live a life of stress,” a spokesperson told TIME.

Tissues are said to be as “soft as cashmere,” reports The Telegraph, and the movies selected include Forrest Gump, The Notebook, the South Korean film A Moment to Remember and Japan’s A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies.

The promotion for the crying rooms isn’t available until August 31. No word yet on where men can cry. But we’ll let you know when we find out, gents. In the meantime, just grab some hankies and head to the nearest corner.

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