Even if it was the right thing, breakups are terrible. Whether you’re crying it out with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or hitting the gym hard with revenge workouts, there’s a breakup movie that’s perfect for you. You don’t want a movie that reminds you of your ex, you need an escape and you want something that won’t make you depressed watching it alone. From planning the perfect revenge to indulging in some slapstick humor, we’ve found ten movies for every stage of relationship grief that will remind you that it’s okay to be on your own right now.


1. 500 Days of Summer: If you need convincing that there isn’t just one partner out there for you, you need Zooey to break it to you gently. Watching this bittersweet comedy will dispel the myth that there is only one person out there for you and bring back the hope that you will get through this. We promise.


2. The First Wives Club: Getting dumped isn’t fun, but this movie will affirm that all girlfriends (friends or frenemies) have your back. Plus you can imagine all the best revenge plans without ever having to leave your couch.


3. Blue Valentine: Get ready to cry, and we mean really cry. This failed marriage is a realistic look into how two people change and drift apart over time. And also… Ryan Gosling. Need we say more?


4. Side Effects: You might think a depressing movie isn’t what you need right now, but this movie is all about a wildly unexpected plot twist. Plus the whole movie is suspenseful enough to keep you distracted for 100 minutes, yet weirdly disturbing enough to keep you from thinking about anything else the rest of the night.


5. My Sister’s Keeper: Why should you watch this movie if it’s not even about a relationship? Exactly. Get ready to cry over something that’s not your ex. This heart-wrenching film will show you that there are bigger things in life than a failed relationship.


6. Girl, Interrupted: There is something weirdly therapeutic about watching people whose lives are worse than yours. And in this movie, probably much, much worse.


7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Sometimes it’s the cheesiest humor that works when we’re down and out. This ridiculous movie is absurd, funny and full of moments that really capture the pain of a breakup.


8. Under the Tuscan Sun: Because the best revenge is to go out and buy an Italian villa. Or, at least dream of moving to Europe and experiencing the ultimate remodel project.


9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: It may seem like the best option would be to forget everything you ever experienced with your ex, but this movie shows you why you wouldn’t actually want to erase all of your memories.


10. The Vow: To end things on a positive note… this incredible romance is actually based on a true story, proving that there are still good guys (and gals) in the world, even if you’re feeling like you got the worst.

What movies have gotten you through rough relationships? Share your recommendations with us in the comments below!