We might be a teensy bit cupcake obsessed. You’ve seen our numerous yummy and unique cupcake recipes and a few fun cupcake packaging ideas. But if you’ve developed a cupcake liner collection as large as ours, you start to think outside the cake box and wonder what else you can do with ’em. We’ve come up with 20 uses for your baking cups that have nothing to do with baking, so go round those babies up and give them new life.

1. Mini Cupcake Liner Bunting: What a fun way to spruce up those succulents! String a few colorful cupcake liners onto twine, tie both ends to wooden skewers and you’ve got yourself a mini bunting to celebrate all that clean air you’ll be breathing in. (via Oh, Hello Friend)

2. Mini Metallic Baking Cup Garland: How sweet is this little garland? Just flatten and fold your metallic baking cups in half, and then attach them to string or twine with glue. (via Hey Look)

3. Gold Cupcake Liner Flower Garland: To make this elegant garland, spray paint cupcake liners in three sizes (mini, standard, and jumbo), glue them one on top of another and crinkle them to make a blooming floral effect. Once you have the flowers finished, string them up onto twine. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

4. Cupcake Liner Pom-Pom Garland: You’ve made pom-poms from tissue paper and coffee filters, but did you know you could make them from cupcake liners too? String ’em up and — boom! Pretty garland for parties. (via Hello! Lucky)

5. Cupcake Case Flower Garland: Up for a real garland challenge? Aussie blogger Kate of The Craft Train turned her cupcake cases (that’s what they call ’em down under!) into beautiful flowers with a few snips and a couple dabs of glue. (via The Craft Train)

6. Cupcake Flower String Lights: Better yet, take those cupcake liner flowers and attach them to string lights! (via Oh Happy Day)

7. Cupcake Liner Planter: Here’s another take on plant beautification via cupcake liners. If you fold them into quarters and hot glue them onto a tin can, you’ll end up with a pretty scalloped planter. Try a few shades of a color for an ombre effect. (via Jaderbomb)

8. Paper Flower Pencils: Dress up your pencils with washi tape and cupcake liner flowers. These make great gifts for teachers and writers! (via Skip to My Lou)

9. Cupcake Liner Photo Backdrop: This project takes a whole lot more time and a ton of cupcake liners, but we think this would be an awesome backdrop at a birthday party or wedding. (via Confetti Pop)

10. Cupcake Liner Party Hat: Speaking of parties, check out this dainty dome-topper. It’s certainly not for dunces! (via Jaderbomb)

11. Cupcake Liner Piñata: What’s a party without a piñata? We’re all about this one covered in cupcake liners by Liz Stanley. (via Say Yes)

12. Cupcake Liner Gift Topper: Runnin’ low on bows? Make them out of cupcake liners! (via Family Chic)

13. Cake Topper: Turn the baking world upside down by putting cupcake liners on top of your desserts. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

14. Fringed Cupcake Liner Stir Sticks: These fringed stirrers remind us of drink umbrellas turned inside out! They’re the perfect summer cocktail companion. (via Valley + Co.)

15. Pink Cupcake Liner Lantern: Get creative and cover a paper lantern in colorful liners for a bold and beautiful dahlia look. (via So Very Vicki)

16. Tasseled Cupcake Lantern: We love the mini gold candy foils and handmade tassels on this one. Wonder what this would look like on a balloon… (via Poppy Haus)

17. Cupcake Liner Pom Topiary: A topiary you don’t ever have to trim… dreamy! (via Two Prince Bakery Theater)

18. Cupcake Liner Rosette Frame: Here’s another in-depth project, but well worth the time. This would be a great wedding photo frame. (via Saved by Love Creations)

19. Cupcake Wrappers Wall Art: Show off your love of cupcakes with this mod retro wall art installation. (via Shelterness)

20. Cupcake Liner Greeting Card: We give this greeting card a first place ribbon and a gold star. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

How will you be upcycling cupcake liners? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.