Last week we shared this adorable photo of聽retro oven cupcake boxes聽on Facebook, and found out that you folks really love cupcake boxes! I mean, what could be cuter than a cupcake in a sweet little box, cup, or wrapper? Here are 18 creative ways to package cupcakes, muffins, brownies, and other sweet treats!

1.聽Retro Oven Printable Cupcake Box聽($5): We鈥檒l kick things off with the cupcake box that inspired it all, retro ovens! Could the expression 鈥渂un in the oven鈥 be more perfect?

2.聽Birdhouse Cupcake Box聽($9): Tweet tweet! This gorgeous box would look pretty adorable hanging from a tree at an outdoor party.

3.聽White Window Boxes聽($2): If you want to make take-home packages for friends at a party, these white boxes are great to keep around.

4.聽Polka Dot Cupcake Box: We鈥檝e got a weakness for polka dots, especially printable ones :) (via聽Gi Det Vedere)

5.聽Flower Shop聽($9): Who needs flower when you鈥檝e got cupcakes?!

6.聽Patisserie Cupcake Box聽($10 for 3): We love this little house, complete with a window and striped roof.

7.聽You鈥檙e a Hoot聽($5 for a dozen): Hooooo wants a cupcake?

8.聽Les Fleurs Cupcake Boxes: We鈥檙e loving the retro vibe of these floral cupcake boxes.

9.聽Apple Cupcake Box: What鈥檚 better than giving your teacher an apple? An apple cupcake, of course. (via聽Memories by Anna Dawn)

10.聽Plastic Cup + Treat Bags: A plastic cup and treat bag are all you need to recreate this cupcake hack. We love the idea of using a patterned treat bag and lots of ribbon. (via聽Lisa Storms)

11.聽Ice Cream Truck Printable聽($5): This is definitely our favorite of the bunch. So cute for summer!

12.聽Royal Princess Printables聽($8): Perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or princess-themed soirees.

13.聽Cupcake Dome: You knew you鈥檇 been saving all those takeout containers for a reason ;) (via聽Giver鈥檚 Log)

14.聽Egg Carton Case: Mini cupcakes in an egg carton? Almost as genius as聽flowers in eggs! (via聽Cupcakes Take the Cake)

15.聽Kraft Paper Bunting: You can never go wrong with twine, kraft paper bunting, and a cute label or two. (via聽SelfPackaging)

16.聽Washi Tape: What can聽washi tapenot do?聽(via聽Boulevard Pinki)

17.聽Polka Dot Set of 24聽($48): More polka dots? Yes please.

18.聽Striped and Scalloped Treat Boxes聽($10 for 6): This one looks like it was made for our site. Love the stripes!

Have you found or created any clever cupcake packaging? Tell us in the comments below!聽