Getting your dorm gear together and starting a whole new course load can be pretty stressful. One thing that doesn’t make it any easier? Forgetting to charge your phone before class, dealing with a tangled mess of tech cables or losing your headphones. Get prepped for any minor catastrophes with this cute and colorful tech gear, so you can stay focused on having a blast and acing those courses.

Dorm Room Beaded Earphones

1. Beaded Ear Buds ($14): With headphones this bright and smile-inducing, we seriously doubt you’ll lose ’em in the semester shuffle.

Dorm Room Lights

2. Light Strand ($38): It can be tough to find the perfect lighting for your dorm. These gorgeous cotton string balls are a great alternative to your room’s harsh fluorescent lighting. Now you’ll have a pretty glow for your desk or over your bed.

Dorm Room Jewel Speaker

3. Giant Gem Speaker ($40): Looking for a fun conversation piece for your desk? This adorable gem of a speaker is guaranteed to put a smile on your face all semester long.

Dorm Room Bathroom Speaker

4. Bheard Sound Pod ($29): This acoustic speaker for your phone enhances the highs, mids and lows of your audio. It works like a charm to amp up your music or even as a speakerphone for those catching-up calls with the parents. Plus, it’s so lightweight and portable, you can toss it in your backpack and take anywhere on campus.

Dorm Room Bjacked Cords

5. Bjacked Cable Organizer Set ($45): Between phone, laptop and tablet chargers, things can get tangled and crazy pretty quickly. We’re huge fans of Bjacked’s organizers. The Bspun keeps your small cords for phones and tablets in control, while the Bbouncy keeps your large cords for laptops and gaming devices neat and tidy.

Dorm Room Bluetooth Speaker

6. Hisy-Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote ($25): A new semester means a whole year of unforgettable photo moments. This Bluetooth camera shutter remote helps you take iPhone photos from up to 90 feet away — just think of the selfie possibilities.

Dorm Room Desk Lamp

7. Alashadow Desk Lamp ($50): While we’re all about that college life, there’s nothing wrong with marking the days off until your vacation. This quirky desk lamp will helping you study and serve as a reminder that winter break is just around the corner.

Dorm Room Gold Cord

8. Gold Charging Cord ($16): Losing your precious phone charger is almost guaranteed to put a damper on your busy day. This gorgeous metallic gold one is a cinch to find in a large backpack and puts those awkward “whose charger is this?” roommate conversations at bay.

Dorm Room Bando Mobile Charger

9. Mobile Charger ($30): Forgot to charge your phone last night? No problem — just pop this little mobile charger onto your phone and you won’t miss any texts or important cal reminders.

Dorm Room Shower Speaker

10. Aqua Pouch Speaker ($20): Sometimes you just need to belt it out in the communal showers. This water-resistant smartphone/MP3 speaker allows you to enjoy your favorite Spotify station or even catch up with your out-of-town BFFs while getting ready for class.

Which tech piece is your must-have for the semester? Tell us in the comments below!