There is no shortage of music apps out there, but when it comes to actual music discovery, searching for new artists can be pretty overwhelming. Pandora and Spotify radio are great and all, but there is something to be said about discovering an artist, becoming obsessed with them and listening to their album over and over again. Justin Fowler, a music-loving dude living in Texas, created Measured for this exact reason.


Measured is essentially a music newsletter that emails you one new song a week. By keeping things simple — one song, one musician per week — you won’t be overwhelmed by the number of options out there, and discovering new music stops being work. Over half of the songs are indie/rock, so if you are always on the hunt for the coolest new band out of Brooklyn, you’re bound to like what’s in your inbox. Hip-hop and pop are the next biggest genres Measured sends its subscribers’ way, but once in a while, Fowler will e-blast a dance/electronica song he thinks everyone should know about.


“Measured was a project I put together over the weekend,” Fowler explains on the website. “Not only is Measured something I’ve wanted to exist, but it was also just a way for me to finally launch something. My coding know-how stops at HTML and CSS, plus I don’t have any co-founders (yet), but I was still able to put Measured together with my MacBook and some mochas. In the future, I could see Measured turning into multiple newsletters with multiple curators. But for now, you’re stuck with me and my music tastes.”

Clearly Measured is still in its beginning stages, but we think Fowler is on to something and we expect it to grow in a big way. Rock on, dude.

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