Being single can be pretty great, But when the temps drop and the pressure of cuffing season rises, it can be hard to keep perspective. Add in a slew of parties and potential date opportunities and it can feel you’re missing out — but who said that cute, festive dates are reserved for couples? Grab your gal pals, make your reservations, and kiss first date nerves goodbye with these eight date ideas just for friends.

Two women at an art gallery

1. Head to a museum. Everyone has a gal pal who’s the best kind of nerdy, and no matter what city you live in, there are plenty of fabulous places to explore. From somewhere classic like The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City to something more niche like the American Writers Museum in Chicago, there’s a museum for every taste. If you and your BFF are feeling especially trendy (and want to up your Instagram game), check out pop-up museums like The Color Factory in NYC.

2. Hit a workout class. The best part about this outing is the variety. Find a local yoga studio or opt for something more adventurous, like indoor rock climbing.

3. Find a charity event. Have a cause you’re particularly passionate about? Chances are you’ll be able to find a volunteer event or even a gala to attend with your bestie. Especially around the holidays, there are plenty of events that kill two birds with one stone: You and a friend have a fun night on the town AND you can benefit a wonderful cause. 

4. Have a double date. Double dates aren’t just for romantic duos! Enlist a close-friend couple or two more of your best girls, grab a reservation, and you’ll find yourself on a proper double date.

5. Conquer an escape room. Escape Rooms might be a risky date for couples — under that kind of pressure, you learn a lot about a person. That’s why bringing your best girlfriend along to a place like The Escape Game is a winning move. You two know each other’s strengths; use them to beat the game!

6. Test your skills at a cooking or cocktail class. If Chrissy Teigen’s cookbooks have you feeling all kinds of inspired, invite your BFF along to a cooking or cocktail class. Cooking can be romantic, but it might be even more fun with a good friend and an even better glass of wine. And you’ll gain some skills along the way!

7. Chick flick movie night. Movie date nights are a staple, but that doesn’t mean they’re reserved just for romantic pairs. And since many movie theaters now offer reserved seating, food options, and drinks, they’re the perfect place to indulge in that chick flick you’ve both been dying to see.

8. Reserve that brunch table. Is it the avocado toast? The potential for bottomless mimosas? The endless Instagram opportunities? Go ahead, girlfriend. Make that OpenTable reservation for the place you’ve been eyeing and spend Saturday morning with your platonic soul mate.

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