Oh David Harbour, how we love thee! We already knew the Stranger Things star was quite a guy after discovering his hidden talent for twinning with the rest of the show’s cast (Natalia Dyer included!) over on his Instagram page, but his most recent fan photo just increased our love for the star tenfold.

The snap in question is no ordinary photograph. Rather, it’s a commemorative, professional photo shot just like the ones you might find in a high school yearbook or on a family’s mantlepiece… mainly, because it is.

Twitter user @damaris tweeted the star back in October to ask how many retweets it would take for the RL Chief Hopper to take her senior photos with her.

Surprisingly, Harbour responded, saying, “25K. And I get to wear the school sweatshirt and hold a trombone.”

With a little help from Will Byers, who retweeted @darmis’ request, if only for his own amusement (“I need to [see] this picture!”), she reached her goal, earning 28,464 tweets to date — and wouldn’t you know it, Harbour, 42, delivered on all counts.

Not only did Julia Stiles’ former beau show up for the photo, but he made good on his word to don her school sweatshirt AND hold a trombone in a series of nine LOL-worthy pics of the pair together.

“Voted most likely to hijack someone else’s high school photos 24 years later,” he wrote of the uproarious shots,” adding, “Many thanks to @postydamaris and her kind family and @iamtommyg photography for making a dream come true and proving my high school classmates right!!!”

His lucky co-star for the day, Damaris, shared some behind-the-scene photos and video from their shoot, including the moment she first met the star. “Are you Damaris?” he asked while giving her a big hug. “Hey, what’s up?! Nice to meet you. This is so hilarious!” (We’ll say!)

It was also a surreal moment for the teen, who captioned her gallery by saying, “Well this is something I certainly didn’t think would happen!” adding, “David is such a sweet dude! Even my five-month-old nephew got in on the action, haha!”

Oh. Em. GEE: No WONDER Millie Bobby Brown says she’d save him over Finn in real life!

Chief Hopper is officially THE BEST.

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 (Photos via Frazer Harrison/Getty)