If Fashion Week taught us anything, it’s that moody tones are having a major moment. Though we love seeing these bold, colorful hues on our feet and around our parks this season, we also think it’s time to bring the trend home. Don’t worry, we promise this bold color palette is actually really easy to incorporate into any home. Scroll on for some gem-spiration.

Turquoise Blue Home Decor

1. Catch-All Dish ($40): This little dish introduces a gorgeous pop of turquoise and is great for keeping an eye on keys and jewelry.

2. Terra Cotta Vases ($34): These small cone-shaped vases are small enough to be considered a decor accessory, yet bold enough to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

3. Floor Mat ($12): Instead of confining gem tones to just inside, welcome guests with a daring color before they even walk over the threshold.

4. Tealight Holder ($4): Have any little candles lying around? Upgrade the ambiance with one of these metallic beauties.

5. Large Glass Vase ($25): Not just for flowers, this vase can be used alone on a table or in a kitchen to add a whimsical pop of color to any room. Its textured pattern gives us major beachy vibes too.

Quartz Purple Home Decor

6. Marrakech Basket ($66): Another great way to store your things? This handmade basket. It brings in the purple hues that any jewel color scheme MUST have, but it also helps a good cause: funding educational training programs for the women who handcraft the very baskets you’re utilizing.

7. Lavender Scented Candle ($16): If quartz purple had a smell, it would be this candle. It also helps that the packaging itself — with its geometric shapes and deep purple hue — is reminiscent of all things gem-tone.

8. Agate Night Light ($18): You’ll never be afraid of the dark again after adding this night light to your room or nearby bathroom. This is an addition that takes the idea of adding jewel tones to your home to a whole new (literal) level.

Citrine Yellow Home Decor

9. Art Print ($5): Whether you buy, print or DIY, artwork is a good way to introduce jewel tones into your home. Either swap out your current gallery wall for pieces like this “Home” print, or add to your existing gallery wall. Renting? Lean them up against a wall atop a dresser for a no-fuss addition.

10. Pouf ($108): Having been around for a few years now, the pouf trend is clearly not going anywhere. While they make great ottomans, they’re also a perfect additional seating option. Grab a few in various jewel-toned colors to add a rainbow of gorgeousness to your living room floor.

11. Wing Chair ($300): If you’ve been looking for a cozy reading chair to curl up in this winter, this is your jam. The sunshiny hue will surely banish any winter blues that may come your way.

Sapphire Blue Home Decor

12. Lampshade ($118): Wild horses couldn’t keep us away from this bold blue lampshade.

13. Campaign Bar ($1595): Talk about our dream bar. While this one costs a pretty penny, we’re pretty sure it would be a relatively simple DIY.

14. Dip Dye Art: We can’t get enough of this trend. Furniture, textiles, clothes and art — bring it on! (via Rebecca Judd Loves)

Ruby Home Decor

15. Velvet Edlyn Chair ($998): We’re obsessed with this reclined lounge chair. Not only does it have brass legs, but its wine-like color immediately becomes the centerpiece of any gathering space.

16. Kaleidoscope Blooms Rug ($98 – $1,598): Though this rug does include several magenta tones, it’s also a great way to bring your entire jewel-toned color palette together using just one element.

17. Tufted Takara Pouf ($248): We can’t help that we love a good pouf! This shaggy situation isn’t just cozy, but it’s also a great way to bring together gem and neutral tones for a more subtle introduction into your home.

Emerald Home Decor

18. Couch ($999): Not satisfied with a purple accent chair? Try this emerald green couch. While we’re not too mad at the price point, the main bonus of this furniture piece is its gorgeous color.

19. Vase ($125): If you’re an avid bouquet buyer — especially if you lean toward purchasing large bouquets — this inverted coin dot vase is perfect for keeping your wild florals at bay.

20. Storage ($40): Whether you put it in a small corner in a studio or front and center by your desk, this locker-like unit would easily brighten up (and organize) any workspace.

21. Monogrammed Pillows ($40): We love throw pillows because they are easy to switch out with the changing seasons and trends. The real perk of these pillows? They’re beautifully embellished and can even be monogrammed just for you.

What do you think of the gem tone trend? Would you add (or have you added) any gem tones to your place this season? Share in the comments below.