We think loafers get a bad rap. Comfortable and flat-heeled, sure they can seem like a pretty tame option compared to wedged sneakers or 3D printed shoes. But we assure you this is not the case. Whether you’re an animal lover or a glitter addict, we got something to make you give the functional flat a second chance. Here are 10 designer-inspired DIY hacks that give stilettos a run (or hobble?) for their money.

1. Kitty Cat Loafers: Your apartment doesn’t allow cats? Charlotte Olympia will sell you a pair of apartment-approved slippers for $600. Or you can make these two little kittens yourself. No litter box necessary, only puffy paint. (via P.S I Made This)

2. Embroidered Fox Loafers: Remember when we told you about those $340 emoji slippers? Well, these are kind of like those. Make your feet look extra foxy with some basic embroidery skills and this tutorial. If you must make the poop emoji instead of the fox, we understand. (via What I Wore)

3. Glitter Loafers: Dorothy, is that you? We can’t guarantee clicking your heels three times will take you home, but we can say you’ll look damn good doing it. Also worth noting, J. Crew sold out of a similar pair that was being hocked for $215. (via La Fanciulle)

4. Top Cat Suede Loafers: Transform a drab pair of loafers into dual-toned statement shoes. There’s no sewing necessary for this super simple loafer hack. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

5. Lace Slippers: Ditch the bone crushing stilettos. Instead opt for these classy kicks when dressing for your next upscale outing. If you want Mr. McQueen’s version, you best be willing to dish out $740. (via Forma MTV)

6. Iron-on Patch Slippers: Inspired by a mix of Penelope Chilvers and Tory Burch, this tutorial is so simple the instructions are in the title. Hit up your local craft store for two patches that tickle your fancy, iron them on, and voila! Just a little heads up: This will only work for loafers made from materials like suede or velvet. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

7. Bejeweled Loafers: Behold: the lazy gal’s dream DIY project. A handful of jewels and a little glue and you’ve just performed some serious shoe surgery. (via The Vault Files)

8. Bow Tie Loafers: You’ll spend twice as much time gawking over the classy results of this Miu Miu hack than you’ll spend actually doing it. (via Carry On Carry On)

9. Spider Slippers: Spiders have eight legs. You only have two. So you better dress them well. Make our arachnid friends proud with some glitter and gold. (via Trinkets in Bloom)

10. Dual Tone Loafers: This project is great for those perfectly-fitting thrift store shoes in the absolute wrong color. It’s nothing a little spray paint can’t fix. (via Studs and Buttonholes)

Do you guys have any shoe hacks we should know about? Leave a comment below!