We’ve all experienced that slightly awkward moment of pause, right between when you get your change from the barista and waver about putting it in your wallet or dropping it in the tip jar. Or maybe you don’t even use cash anymore, relying on credit and debit to purchase your PSL.

Well now there’s some good news for those employees who rely on the change in those tip jars to make ends meet. A company called DipJar is producing the first-ever digital tip jar, making it easier for you to give a little extra for service that deserves it.

After raising $420,000 in funding, DipJar is starting to scale its product: a tip jar with a credit card reader inside. The customer puts their card into the jar, and pulls it out to swipe. Then the card is charged for a pre-determined amount determined by the business. And just so everyone can hear you being a good citizen, swiping your card causes the jar to make a loud “change clinking” sound.

The jars have started popping up in a few New York businesses and charities. DipJar has posted several photos of nonprofits and organizations using the jars to ask for a quick donation.

It’s still too early in the development process for DipJar’s CEO Ryan Kessler to know how much mass-producing the jars would cost, or even how much they will sell for. It’s also to early to see if the jars will have a positive impact on tipping, though Kessler anticipates that it will bring in money from new sources, rather than eliminating the need for a cash tip jar all together.

So it looks like not having cash on hand will no longer be a reason not to tip. Whether this makes you feel more pressure to give, or helps you feel like less of a stiff, we’re excited to see where this new tech will lead.

Would you use these advanced tip jars or do you prefer to use change? Let us know below!