Next up in our series of registry essentials, we’re sending a bat signal (or, perhaps, a bean signal?) to all you coffee lovers out there! You’ve got your dinner party laid out, you’ve got the bar cart loaded up, but what about the morning after you party down? You’re gonna need a cup of the good stuff, and we’re teaming up with Target Wedding Registry to bring you what you need: Coffee!

Here are 10 essentials that brought our coffee lover’s paradise to life.

1. Bodum 8-Cup French Press ($22): First up, go classy with an old fashioned French press. This bright red one makes for a great pop of color on any kitchen counter, meaning you won’t have to hide it away every morning.

2. KitchenAid Empire Red Coffeemaker ($100): Of course, it you’ve got a full house and need more than a simple press, go for a full-on 14-cup coffeemaker. You know what they say about the best part of waking up… ;)

3. Red Striped Kitchen Towels ($6): To continue with the red design theme, grab a stack of these kitchen towels. They’re handy for cleaning things up, for creating a little coffee bar on the counter and can double as hot pads in a pinch.

4. Beaded Ramekins, Set of 8 ($16): Okay okay, maybe these aren’t exactly essential but they’re pretty darn handy. Next time you host a brunch or breakfast, fill ramekins up with things like brown sugar, cinnamon, hot cocoa and sugar cubes to let people customize their coffee.

5. Latte Mugs, Set of 4 ($16): You probably already have a solid set of mugs, but what about these extra tall latte mugs? So en vogue.

6. Patterned Mustache Ceramic Coffee Mugs ($10): Your cup of coffee needn’t always be so serious! Add a little silliness to the morning with this set of patterned mustache mugs.

7. Imusa Bistro Espresso Maker ($32): No time to spare? Espresso yourself. #madonna4life

8. Delonghi Espresso Cups ($15): And for that shot of espresso? Some very classy espresso cups. And if your bar cart’s in need of some help, feel free to let these moonlight as shot glasses.

9. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer ($10): If you get up quite a bit earlier than your S.O. but want to leave them a piping hot cup of joe, get a mug warmer. It’ll keep that cup toasty!

10. Grab ‘N Go Coffee Cups ($4): Of course, we can’t always sip our morning cup in the comfort of our homes.

Any combination of these would make for a great wedding gift, whether you’re putting together your own registry or shopping for your next set of newlyweds!

Of course, being Brit + Co we had to add a little DIY spin to this whole scene. Instead of using plain old paper coffee cups for on-the-go joe, we created our own set of custom coffee cups using contact paper. These are great for adding a little punch to your morning cup, and also work well if you’re hosting Sunday brunch and want to cut down on dishes.

To create these, we cut little shapes out of contact paper and stuck ’em right on each cup. It’s as simple as that. Pretty stylish, eh?

Are you a coffee addict? Do you go for the home brew or your local ‘bucks? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Target Wedding Registry.