No one wants to carry around a bulky wallet no matter how big the purse or pocket or how fat the stacks of cash. Simplify your ca-ching-and-credit-card carrier with a minimalist wallet. While we wait until Coin comes out, grab yourself or your man one of these good-looking, well-functioning and pocket-friendly wallets. Hint: Father’s Day is coming up, and dad has approved the following messages.

1. Vestige Card Carrier by Tyler Pratt ($20): The definition of Vestige is “the smallest amount of something.” This leather wallet holds true to its name and carries six cards, folded bills and has a little slot for a house key, which just goes to show you: You can carry a lot in the smallest amount of space.

2. Carbon Fiber Money Clip ($36): Made by RC Fibers, the double lock design means twice the room in one money clip. Your credit card data is safe from RF signals, and there’s a trusty five year warranty against delimitation. Also check out their silverback money clip.

3. The Money Wrap ($56): Super compact and durable, the leather Money Wrap, available in tons of colors, tri-folds up securely to hold your money in place. You can get an idea of how small the product is here.

4. Batman Money Clip ($40): Keep your money in tact with the bat! Rubberized coating, magnetized grip and matte black color.

5. Most Rad Minimalist Wallet ($30): This RFID coated slim wallet has an elastic band, three card slots, an on-the-go pocket on the outside and two interior pockets, so you can fit A LOT in this little guy.

6. Jack Spade Credit Card Holder ($78): For the nautical-loving man in your life — with only two credit cards, this one is on the smaller side but is big on style.

7. Whipping + Post Picker’s Wallet ($31): Unlike other wallets, this 100 percent grain leather looker has a special spot for your driver’s license and your guitar pick. Rawk!

8. Hard Graft Bi-Fold Wallet ($134): Handmade in Italy, the six credit card slots are on a wool felt background. The wallet has a separate compartment for money, and the stitching adds a craftsman’s touch!

9. Portsmith Co. Birch Ply Minimalist Wallet ($30): A great “vegan” option and truly one of the most “minimal” wallets out there!

10. Atelier Pall Slim Leather Wallet ($50) The engraving option makes this wallet a great gift. The slim design includes interior and exterior slots and the edges are hand polished with beeswax.

11. Bellroy Slim Sleeve ($80): Described as “elegance meets intelligence,” this wallet has no extra linings or bulk and comes in seven colors. Get educated with their “tips to slim your wallet!”

What do you think of minimalist wallets? Let us know in the comments below!