Our love of Mason Jars is certainly no secret! To see our ode to these practical household items just pop on over to 10 Creative Gifts that Come in a Jar or 100 Clever Ways to Repurpose Mason Jars. Today’s list has all sorts of jar gifts, some come in jars, others are made in jars, and a few are for those who just love to make things with mason jars!

1. Vintage Snow Globe Cupcake in a Jar: This edible little snow globe has all the class of it’s vintage counterpart but with the added bonus of being edible. Just don’t shake it! (via The Lemonista)

2. Mason Jar Shot Glasses ($13): These shot classes make us feel larger than life. Here’s to fun with mason jars!

3. Vanilla Extract in a Jar: Have some time on your hands and want to make a special gift for the baker in the family? Why not wow them with some homemade vanilla extract. (via The Zen of Making)

4. Desserts in Jars ($15): This book is a fabulous gift for those who overlap in the “love jars” and “love to bake” sections of a zen diagram. Give them this and keep your fingers crossed for a taste test!

5. Mint Sugar Scrub in a Jar: Minty fresh and cute to boot. Who wouldn’t love receiving one of these scrubs. (via Love Grows Wild)

6. Mason Jar Candle Holder: These candle holder have tons of potential as a centerpiece for any occasion. And since the candle is nested in its own jar, no risk of fire! (via A Blossoming Life)

7. Pie in a Mason Jar: If you want to give a little slice of home, why not bake some portable apple pies! This tutorial will let you make multiples all at once. (via The Bride Link)

8. Light-Up Snowscape in Jar: A snow globe without the water hazard, this version includes some twinkling lights. (via Wife, Mom, Superwoman)

9. Milk Bath: This milk bath in a jar is luxurious and thoughtful as a gift. Especially for those who deserve a chance to sit back and rest. (via Bella Sugar)

Lucky Jar Revamp: How cute are these jars? Draw shamrocks and write messages with puffy paint, then spray paint green. Best of all, these can recreated in any color scheme you like. (via Yesterday on Tuesday)

11. Mason Jar Cork Ornaments: A little rustic touch on some simple and gorgeous ornaments! (via Vintage News Junkie)

12. Sewing Kit in a Jar: As the saying should have said, give a girl a mending, you’ll never have free time again. Give the gift of mending, you’ll be better friends! (via Bless This Mess)

13. Gold and Glitter Dipped Mason Jars ($50 for set of 5): The glitz and glam of these mason jars set our phasers to stunned. This is a project you can buy or make yourself!

14. Cuppow ($8): Who said sippy cups are just for kids? I’m sure we can all think of a few grown-ups prone to spilling!

15. Mason Jar Crafts Book ($12): Love these but want even more? Pick up this book of tried and true mason jar crafts.

16. Hanging Mason Jar Vases: This set of vases combines the latest love for hose clamps and hanging pictures. You can make it one vase, or five! Just make sure to re-measure your hanging wire! (via McCutcheon’s Blog)

17. Mason Jar Terrariums: Self-enclosed ecosystems are awesome. Or so sixth grade science teaches us. Why not harness that knowledge and make someone a great terrarium! (via Scissors and Steam)

18. Snow Globes: We’ve got a super fast way to make snow globes. 30 minutes and you’ll have sparkling holiday decor! (via Brit + Co.)

19. Colorful Painted Mason Jars: Go big of go bold! There is tons of color packed into these mason jar vases. (via Make Something Mondays)

20. Hot Cocoa Mix in a Jar: Though hot cocoa in a jar isn’t the newest concept we love the way Love Grows Wild incorporated some extra color into their cocoa. (via Love Grows Wild)

21. Succulent Planter: Low maintenance plants make for an easy and low-stress gift. So why not offer up a tiny succulent planter with a few care suggestions to that someone who wants to have a green thumb? (via Janaford)

22. Mason Jar Cookies: Okay so these aren’t technically jars but their full of fun and whimsy. Oh and they look like jars right? (via Munchkin Munchies)

23. Solar Powered Mason Jar lights: We can’t believe that this is a DIY, these beautiful solar powered lights can be made at home with just a few specialty items. Home Depot here we come! (via Green Owl Crafts, image via ReDesign Revolution)

24. Morrocan Painted Mason Jars: Give a little more spice to life with this exotic DIY. For best results, approach with patience and a steady hand! (via Sprinkles in Springs)

25. Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker ($29): Now another of our favorites! This is a unique way to shake things up ;)

26. Mason Jar Tags ($6 for set of 12): These sweet little tags will let you bottle up your messages without all that finicky glass.

27. Soup in a Jar: For a quick warm up in wintry weather or a friend who’s at less than 100 percent, soup’s the way to go! By offering it up in a jar, they can choose when to make it. (via The Sticky Kitchen)

28. Food in Jars Book ($18): A great book for someone hoping to dabble in preserves. The recipes will give them plenty of direction and ideas to work from.

29. Melted Mason Jar Spoon Rest ($34): If you know someone who lives and breathes canning then this may be the perfect place for them to set their spoons.

30. Stitched Mason Jar Labels: Now that we’ve gone over all the great things you can make and give using jars, make your own adorable tags to go with it! (via Dukes and Duchesses)

Do you have any awesomely creative jar gifts? Share them with us in the comments below.