When I dip you dip we dip! That song ruled, and it seems that the people in charge of creating trends for the home tend to agree. Dip painted products have been a major trend for quite awhile now and we are still loving the look. And while the products below are all buy-able, don’t forget that you can easily DIY this look as well. Heck, you can even fake the dipped look with balloons!

We hope you’ll try out some of these, whether you’re decorating your dining table, your walls, or your desk.

1. Wooden Mini Bowl Set ($24): First up, a set of bowls that inspired our own DIY color blocked wooden serveware. These would definitely add some style to your morning meal.

2. Dip-Dyed Tassels: ($84): Um, how fun are these? We love the idea of making them.

3. Dipped Utility Jar ($16): Keep all your cooking utensils in check with this chic and sort of graphic ceramic jar.

4. Dip Dyed Side Table ($298-$398): Why not dip a whole tree stump and call it a table? ;)

5. Dipped Sauce Jars ($6): Whether you fill these with sauces, grains, or sea salt, you can be sure your pantry or counter will look mighty stylish.

6. Pastel Dipped Mug ($15): We love the washed out look of these mugs, perfect for sipping on a cup of tea on a porch.

7. Norman Copenhagen Whisk ($24): How cool are these whisks? Who knew such an essential utensil could look so modern?

8. Dipped Canisters ($20-$27): It seems like the kitchen is the jam when it comes to the dipped trend. We love these cool canisters.

9. Ceramic Dip Cup ($45): How hot is that pop of yellow? Hellooo!

10. Mini Planters Set ($38): And in the world of truly adorable planters, we bring you these little egg cup style darlings.

11. Dipped Wooden Spoon Set ($28): Speaking of color dipped wooden housewares, how ’bout these fetching spoons?

12. Dipped Basket ($50): Who knew a trash can could actually be attractive?

13. Marble and Wood Cheese Board ($58): Technically this isn’t “dipped” but it’s still rocking that aesthetic.

14. Dipped Glaze Spice Jars ($15): These jars would be great on any dining or kitchen table, especially filled with different spices or sauces for a little DIY seasoning.

15. Dip-Dyed Stools ($58-$68): We. Need. These. Now. Or maybe we need to make them?

16. Gray Dipped Pitcher ($30): Add this to your list of barware and you’re one step closer to a very stylish beverage station.

17. Dipped Blue Vases ($20): We love the idea of bunching up a whole collection of these to create a boho arrangement.

18. Talking Heads Coat Hooks ($98): We’re hooked on cool wall hooks, and these from A+R are no exception.

19. Dipped Pendant Light ($85): Now that’s a fun spin on the pendant light. Stay tuned for our own dipped pendant light DIY in the next few months.

20. Aura Mint Dipped Cushion ($50): Cozy up to this mint pillow.

21. Color-Dipped Candle Cups ($20): And last, aren’t these just the cutest candle holders you’ve ever seen?

What color dipped things are you digging? Talk to us in the comments below.