You know we’re all about adding color to just about every aspect of our lives, and our kitchen tables are no exception. We’ve been seeing color blocked and neon tableware all over the place, especially combined with the rustic warmth of wooden bowls and trays. Naturally, we couldn’t resist coming up with a DIY hack of our own. Here’s a super easy way to create your own chic tableware in a matter of minutes!

First, props to our inspiration. Clockwise from top left: Anthropologie Walnut Plate ($62); Wind and Willow Party Bowl ($139); Nicole Porter Salad Bowl ($50); Wind and Willow Wooden Spoons ($29).

 – acrylic paint

– foam brushes

– painter’s tape

– wooden bowls, utensils, trays, etc.

– optional: spray shellac or clear glaze

We ordered our bowls from Amazon, but you can easily find similar bowls at a thrift shop or home goods store. For paint, we went with acrylic paint. We recommend sealing the paint in with spray shellac or clear glaze.

We’ll start with a salad bowl. We created a simple geometric pattern using painter’s tape… and painted! It’ll take 2-3 coats, depending on how light the paint is.

How fun is that?

Next up, utensils! You’ve probably seen something similar to those on Pinterest, and even on our site, but what’s a tableware set without a wooden fork and spoon?

Plus, how great do they look with our stack of bowls?

We did the same with a breakfast-in-bed tray, a giant serving bowl, a lazy susan, and a few more bowls.

By now, your workspace probably looks something like this.

Peel off the tape.

So. Much. Color!

This is also a great way to bring mismatched wooden bowls and plates together to create an entire set.

What creative ways do you pep up and personalize your table? Tell us in the comments below.