Bored of your current glassware selection? Or maybe just want to add a temporary pop of color? Balloons to the rescue! With a couple strategic snips of any standard balloon, you can turn a jar into a classy color-dipped piece of glassware. Now all you need is the right cocktail to serve!

 mason jars



Now that you’ve got your materials in order, it’s time to make your glass!

1. Fold your balloon in half, the long lengthwise and snip about a quarter inch off the top.

2. Cut off the skinny “stem” of the balloons.

3. Pull over the bottom of your jar and up the sides.

4. That’s all!

So many balloons and so many colors! These would go splendidly with our Balloon Bud Vases, don’t you think?

And how could we resist throwing a few striped straws and a bit of bubbly in there? Bubbly water, of course ;)

Bonus points for making it easy to tell all your glasses apart when you’re having a party.

How do you jazz up glassware in a pinch? Talk to us in the comments below.