Whether you’ve been married two years or twenty, anniversaries are always exciting. It’s like having another holiday to celebrate that’s all about just you two. Exchanging gifts and spending the day doing something special to celebrate your love is great and all, but what about adding a personal touch to the gift? We thought it would be appropriate to breathe some new (DIY) life into the traditional anniversary gifts. After all, you can only wear so many necklaces, watches, etc. at a time. Check out these modern DIY anniversary gifts that are based on the traditional presents.


Year 1: Paper

Make a more lasting bouquet to have on display in your home year-round. If you really want to go all out, use the original pages of your handwritten vows or type them out yourself to add a few white or ivory flowers to the mix. (via Oh Happy Day)

2 cotton

Year 2: Cotton

How adorable are these pillowcases? They would make a fun and whimsical gift in line with the traditional choice. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3 leather

Year 3: Leather

Every traveling individual needs a good luggage tag. You’ll get extra points if you pair this DIY with plane tickets. (via Blitsy)

4 flowers

Year 4: Flowers

Just flowers after four whole years of marriage? Amp it up with some good dark chocolate. (via Madigan Made)

5 wood

Year 5: Wood

Say it loud and proud. This sign would look amazing above your bed or couch, or really anywhere in your home. (via My Sister’s Suitcase)

6 iron

Year 6: Iron

Thank goodness spoon rings will never go out of style. You can use a thrifted piece of flatware or one of your grandmother’s best. (via The Merrythought)

7 copper

Year 7: Copper

We’re sure you were wondering what you could DIY with copper that is actually affordable. These gorgeous planters are just the thing. (via Homey Oh My)

8 pottery

Year 8: Pottery

Matching mugs are a grand gift idea for an anniversary. “Hello Darling / Good Morning Handsome,” “Mr. / Mrs.,” the possibilities are endless. (via Dream State)

9 willow

Year 9: Willow

Yes, you can actually DIY a willow wreath. The hard part is deciding where to display it. (via Sugar and Charm)

10 tin

Year 10: Tin

Let’s admit that the date night experience can get monotonous after a while. So for your 10th anniversary, this date night tin seems just right. (via By Wilma)

15 crystal

Year 15:Crystal

At 15 years, it’s probably time to do a little redecorating. Spruce up your bedroom or master bath mirror with some gorgeous crystal edging. (via Remodelaholic)

20 china

Year 20: China

A teacup garden like this one will work for both country and urban dwellers. And you managed to actually sneak china into your gift! (Tattooed Martha)

25 silver

Year 25: Silver

You can choose a meaningful saying or even song lyrics. Then put this on their keys and they’ll think of you each time they walk out the door. (via One Artsy Mama)

30 pearls

Year 30: Pearl

Yes, this is a buy, but it would be a super simple DIY. Find places in your bedroom for these pearl-wrapped candles and let the good times roll. (via Etsy)

35 coral

Year 35: Coral

You know that dresser you’ve had for 35 years? Time to give it a surprise makeover with a coat of coral paint. (via Brittany Makes)

40 ruby

Year 40: Ruby

How on earth do you DIY a ruby anniversary gift? Red velvet pancakes, of course. Brownie points for the couple who eats them in bed. (via Kitchen Konfidence)

45 sapphire

Year 45: Sapphire

Pretty patterned vases are easy to find at your local thrift store. After you’ve picked some up, give ’em a coat of sapphire blue and fill them with pretty flowers for years to come. (via Madigan Made)

50 gold

Year 50: Gold

You’ve been married for 50 years? Congrats! You deserve a cake covered with gold confetti. (via The Cake Blog)

Have you DIYed any traditional anniversary gifts? Give us your ideas below!