Our hands are front and center everyday—from typing away on a keyboard to greeting new clients with a friendly shake—so they definitely deserve to be dressed up. We’ve shown you ways to decorate your digits with fall nail art and the best ways to cover up bare wrists, but now, we’re concentrating on putting a ring on it—DIY style. It’s safe to say you’ll be blown away by these 40 different ways to make your own bling rings.

1. Emerald Green Statement Button Ring: This stunner is seriously as simple as DIY rings get. Find a gorgeous button, snip off its shank, then glue that gem to a ring back. Done and done. (via Glitter ’N Glue)

2. Beaded Ring: These fun beaded rings looks like a friendship bracelet for your finger! While this project is more complex than the one above, there’s a nice diagram in the tutorial to help you string your beads from start to finish. (via Handmade Jewelry Club)

3. Glitter Leather Star Ring: Two of our favorite materials join forces to make this dazzling little star ring. If you’ve got any leather scrap left over, you should totally take a shot at making our leather star tee to match! (via Carnets Parisiens)

4. Chevron Ring: This jewelry hack will take your plain rings from boring to blingin’. All you need to make it happen is a Sharpie and a steady hand. (via Sprinkles in Springs)

5. Wrapped Peach Adventure Ring: This ring is just peachy! Not to mention that it looks totally professional since it was made by wrapping wire around a trusty ring mandrel. (via Oh Everything Handmade)

6. Knitted Bow Ring: The worlds of knitting and jewelry collide with this adorable ring. Just about 15 rows of knitting and purling gets you this perfectly plump bow. (via One Sheepish Girl)

7. Golden Stone Ring: Who ever thought that a plain ol’ road rock could look like legit bling? We love the resourcefulness of this DIY, which goes to show that with a little creativity, you can upcycle just about anything! (via Merrythought)

8. DIY Knot Ring: Channel your inner scout for this ring DIY. Using a strip of knit fabric—like a clipping from an old t-shirt—tie one basic knot on top of the other. The result is the chicest ball of knots we’ve ever seen! (via Plan B Ana Evers)

9. Neon Painted Stone Rings: Ready for our take on nature-inspired rings? We painted wild patterns on these smooth stones to get a fiercely boho chic look. (via Brit + Co.)

10. Southwestern Ring: Nail polish is the secret ingredient to amping up the color in this silver ring. Even if you’re not a fan of rodeo-inspired style, you can for sure make this technique work with the pieces you’ve got. (via Paper & Stitch)

11. Zipper Ring: We’re big fans of using zippers in jewelry, including bracelets, headbands, and statement necklaces. So we naturally adore this flowering zipper bling ring. (via Fashion Blog)

12. Neon Clay Shapes Jewelry: Stamp, bake, and glue to get these eye-catching clay shapes! We can’t decide if we like the hot pink circle or highlighter yellow square more. (via Henry Happened)

13. Spiky Starburst Urchin Ring: Yes this ring is fun, playful, and totally cute. But our favorite thing about it is that it’s made from a spiky bouncy ball! Genius! (via Thanks, I Made It)

14. Gold Chevron Rings: Dress up your knuckles with these delicate chevron rings. The trick to this DIY is bending the wire in half to get a perfect triangle top. (via A Pair & A Spare)

15. Stone Cap Ring: We’re loving the mix of natural and industrial materials, the latter of which you can buy at your local hardware store. It’s amazing how these turquoise stones elevate the look of that compression cap. (via studs and pearls)

16. DIY Heart Ring: You’ll fall in love with round needle nosed pliers once you find out just what they can do, like twist, curve, and bend wire into this totally rad ring. We heart it! (via I Spy DIY)

17. DIY Chunky Cocktail Ring: Don’t even think about picking up a cocktail until your finger is adorned with this dazzling ring! The combo of silver headpins and sky blue beads is truly stunning. (via Dismount Creative)

18. Double Linked Rings: We’re seeing double, and we like it! Once you get the technique down, you’ll be able to customize your rings, which is our favorite part. (via Essas Frescurites Ai)

19. Curb Chain Ring: Chunky chains are so hot right now, so learn how to make ’em work for your fingers. It’s way easy, too: a dab of glue on a ring base will do! (via A Splendid Assemblage)

20. Glitter Mustache Ring: We love a good mustache prop as much as the next guy, but how about a mustache ring…that’s covered in glitter? We’ll take it! (via Happy Friends Shop)

21. Color Pencil Ring: This one’s a bit of a novelty, but at least one of these color pencil rings is totally functional. Plus, it’s a fun way to repurpose those irritating nubs! Which style would you wear? (via Brit + Co.)

22. Simple Wooden Rings: This one might be difficult to recreate unless you have a few key power tools, but its still worth peeping. The superior craftsmanship of these simple rings is undeniable. (via Merrythought)

23. DIY Faceted Clay Ring: Metallic shades and geometric shapes are two of our favorite trends, just like this blogger who combined the two to make these gorgeous rings. You can use liquid gilding to get great shine like in this tutorial, or simply buy the clay in glam colors. (via Poppytalk)

24. DIY Safety Pin Ring: Found a stray safety pin lurking outside of your sewing kit? Turn it into a ring! All it takes is some wire and jewelry pliers to get a look thats sew cool. (via I Spy DIY)

25. Wrapped Steel Ring: What a chic and clever way to cover up the closure on this wire ring! We love the two-toned ombre effect of the navy and royal blue thread. (via For the Makers)

26. DIY Gold Leaf Faux Ring: This DIY faux ring is like the most glamorous temporary tattoo we’ve ever seen. Just paint a special non-toxic adhesive directly onto your finger, then cover it up with gold leaf. (via Honestly WTF)

27. Wire Love Ring: We’re dying to try this technique that yields such a delicate statement piece. It leaves the door open for endless wordplay possibilities! (via Swellmayde)

28. Leather Wrapped Ring: Leather is all the rage this fall, so why not get your fingers in on the trend? Simply weave leather trim in and out of wire to get this cool, textured look. (via The Perfect Pear)

29. Doily Ring: If you’re looking to use a material that has a bit of a softer feel than leather, why not try doilies? These fabric rings look light, dainty, and are perfect if you’re into boho chic style. (via Yellow Spool)

30. Stone Ring: Sometimes natural elements like geodes, shells, and stones don’t need any glamming up to join the ranks of the beautiful. So let natural beauty shine with these stunning DIY stone rings. (via I Spy DIY)

31. Twisted Neon Ring: These rings are totally twisted! We love a good pop of neon, so this rope-like ring is right up our alley. (via Mashia Crafts)

32. DIY Clay Gold Bar Ring: Who knew a row of clay could so easily be upgraded to this cool gold bar ring? It’s a look that can be sweet and simple on its own, or totally punk rock mixed with other chunky rings. (via Eyes of Style)

33. Gilded Gold Geode Ring: Do the dip with these dazzling geodes! Bold and totally blinging, these gold trimmed rocks are some of our favorite statement pieces. (via Swellmayde)

34. Chain Waterfall Ring: Don’t go chasing waterfalls, make one of your own! Rose gold and black chain look like fashion-forward fringe. (via Sassy Hong Kong)

35. Silk Stacking Rings: Silk string and basic crimp beads look effortlessly cool stacked one by one. It’s nuts how some of the most delicate ring-making materials can make such a powerful impact! (via The Lovely Dept.)

36. DIY Chain Rings: Here’s another way to make stacking rings, this time with different kinds of chain. It’s an edgier take on this trend that we totally stand behind. (via Antywieszak)

37. Clay and Leather Star Ring: It’s always fun trying your hand at a designer-inspired DIY, and we think this homemade ring came out looking runway-worthy. We just can’t decide if we like the black or spotted starburst more! (via Fashion Blog)

38. Wire Bow Ring: We’ve showed you wire hearts, wire chevron, and even wire words, so we’ll top off our wire ring collection with a bow! It’s dainty and absolutely adorable. (via I Spy DIY)

39. Braided Leather Ring: Similar to the knotted ring above we love this leather version. It reminds us of those nautical rope doorstops, but much brighter. (via Sister Lustig Blog)

40. Spiked Crystal Ring: We thought we’d go out with a glamorous bang and end with this incredible ring. With sparkly rhinestones and a single spikey stud, there’s no way that you won’t stand out from the crowd! (via studs and pearls)

Which DIY ring is your favorite? Have you made any DIY rings, bracelets, or necklaces that you think we should see? Tell us all about it in the comments below!