The Met Gala was a few days ago, but we are still drooling over the best dressed and saying WTF to some of the most outrageous outfits we saw on the red carpet. One thing we noticed about a majority of the dresses (gorgeous or not) was the use of cutouts! Cutouts can be super classy when done right, so don’t be afraid to try out this trend in this summer. If the thought of showing skin where there should be clothes makes you nervous, try creating a more modern version of the cutout with a mesh insert or an illusion collar.


Materials + Tools:

– cotton dress

– elastic bias tape

– fabric scissors

– sewing pins

– chalk

– sewing machine



1. Decide the areas where you would like cutouts, draw them in with chalk and then cut out.

2. Fold the bias tape around cut openings and pin in place.

3. Sew the bias tape onto the dress and get ready to rock it!


Use fashion chalk to draw on your cutout design. One thing I learned was to draw your cutout smaller than you would like, especially if you’re working with a very stretchy body con dress. Once on your body it will stretch and be much more revealing than planned ;)


Cut out your cutouts by folding the dress to get symmetrical cuts.


This was my first time working with bias tape, and I can’t wait to bring it into more projects! It has a natural fold that lets the raw cut fabric get sandwiched in between. Line the edges of all your cutouts with the tape and pin in place.


Pinned and ready to sew!


Sew slowly so you can get an even line straight through your bias tape.


We created diamond cutouts, which was a little more ambitious than I originally thought. To keep the crisp diamond points, we sewed a small diagonal stitch from the seam of the dress to the edge of the bias tape.


I think that it’s safe to say Ashley is ready for the Met Gala ;) If not the Met Gala, definitely summer 2016.


Cutouts With a Little More Coverage

On my hunt for bias tape, I came across this amazing beaded collar piece at our local fabric store, Britex, for ONE DOLLAR! I loveeee a good shopping deal so I, of course, had to pick it up :) Here’s how to add in a cutout with a little more coverage :)


Materials + Tools:

– dress

– beaded mesh piece

– fabric scissors

– sewing pins

– sewing machine



1. Turn your dress inside out and pin your mesh piece face down.

2. Sew the mesh onto the dress in a basic geometric shape.

3. Turn the dress right side out and cut out the section of dress that is covering the mesh to reveal your new cutout.


Turn your dress inside out and pin the piece face down. Sew basic straight lines to attach your beaded piece. Don’t try to follow the wavy curves of the flower vine or your cutout will look sloppy.


Flip the dress right side out and cut out your dress fabric to reveal the beaded cutout. Cut about 1/8-inch from the stitching — if you get too close the fabrics will break away and form a hole (not cute).


If you can’t get yourself to Britex for this one-dollar deal, try embroidering your own beaded piece using a piece of mesh with smaller holes.


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin and Getty Images (Timothy A. Clary, Taylor Hill, Jamie McCarthy)
Modeling: Ashley Perlman and Kelly Bryden