Get it? Fetching?! I couldn’t resist. As we continue to dive headfirst into our new Pets category, we’ve gotta start with the basics. If you feel like making a custom collar for your pooch, here are 10 such projects to inspire you.

1. Neon Paracord Collar: How fun does that neon look against this pooch’s blond coat? It’s like a friendship bracelet for man’s best friend. (via Shop Craft Warehouse)

2. Pooch Peter Pan Collar: Okay, maybe we’re stretching the definition of a practical collar with this one, but how could we not include it?! (via You’re Welcome Savannah)

3. Repurposed Necktie: Take an old beat collar and cover it up with a thrifted necktie. So dashing! (via Hue and Hum)

4. Studded Leather Collar: For more advanced project, try your hand at creating your own bespoke leather collar. (via Makezine)

5. Blinged Out Rhinestone Collar: We’re on the fence about this one, but do love us a return to bedazzling. (via She Knows)

6. DIY Martingale Collar: Well doesn’t this pup look preppy as ever? (via My So Called Crafty Life)

7. Upcycled Thirft Store Belt: Turn an old or thrifted belt into a stylish bit of neck candy for your pooch. (via Hue and Hum)

8. Rainbow Paracord Dog Collar: More paracord! We’re definitely digging this woven option. (via Hands Occupied)

9. Tooled Leather Collar: We’ve never tooled leather, but might need to try it out soon. Love how the letter looks next to the graphic designs! (via Life and Dog)

10. Yarn-Appliqued Collar: Sometimes appliqué can go terribly wrong, but in this case, we’re digging the boho texture and vibe. (via Instructables)

Do you have a pet? What kind? What types of content would you like to see in our brand new category? Talk to us in the comments below.