National Donut Day came and went, but that hasn’t stopped us from celebrating. From mouth-watering recipes to quirky sunglasses, we’re all about this insanely delicious trend. We even figured out a way to make a birthday cake out of donuts. Excuse us while we drool. And since we obviously need to own donut-themed everything, we created a handheld donut mirror out of a cork coaster. Your beauty routine has never looked this good.



— circle cork coaster

— circle mirror

— acrylic paint

— E-6000


— pot

— metal tongs

— foam paint brush

— thin paint brush

— sharp scissors



1. Heat the water until it starts to boil. Using the tongs, hold the cork over the steam to soften.

2. Carefully pierce the center of the cork with the scissors. Watch your fingers!

3. Cut out a circle measuring about 2 inches wide.

4. Apply paint with the foam brush. Let dry.

5. Using the thin brush, paint some sprinkles and let dry.

6. Glue the cork onto the mirror.


We used a four-inch-wide cork coaster. Holding it over steam will prevent it from crumbling when cut. Be extra careful with this part. Keep your fingers at a safe distance from the boiling water — using metal tongs is a must. Heat it until it is warm (not hot) to the touch.


Pierce the center of the coaster with scissors and cut out a two-inch-wide circle. Apply the main donut color and let it dry. Add the sprinkles only when it has completely dried. Otherwise, you’ll have some wonky melted sprinkles.


We glued a three-inch-wide mirror to the back side of the donut. You could also use a two-inch circle mirror and just glue it directly to the top of a painted cork coaster. However, two-inch mirrors are hard to find. We spotted three-inch circle mirrors at multiple craft stores!


The fun thing about donuts is that they come in every color. We used light pink and brown paint to make strawberry and chocolate donuts, respectively. Choose your favorite color and have at it.


Foods before dudes… especially when it comes to donuts.

Readers, what color will your donut mirror be? Share your ideas in the comments below.

(Styled photos by Nick Wolf)